Toilet vs Bidet: Why You Need Both

Technology around bathroom hygiene has evolved tremendously over recent years. And as a result, modern bidets are now a practical and more common addition to bathrooms not only in America but all over the world. What exactly is a modern bidet, though? Does it replace my current toilet? Or is it an addition to my toilet? Or something else?
For many, bidets are a completely new concept. So let’s start from the top and get to know what exactly a modern bidet is and what it can do.

What Is A Bidet?

A bidet is a device that sprays water to clean your nether regions. Traditional bidets are installed near the toilet and are a separately plumbed fixture. Individuals would finish their business and then transition to their bidet and straddle it to wash with a stream of water. While this original type of bidet was used for hundreds of years, most people these days do not want a separate fixture in their bathrooms taking up as much space as a second toilet, not to mention they can be cumbersome to use, unsightly and expensive and difficult to install.
Now, instead of being a separate fixture, modern bidets are added to or combined with the toilet, letting people seamlessly wash without moving to a separate fixture. This has made it significantly easier to transition from toilet paper, as the experience is far more convenient and pleasant than squatting over a basin.
Nowadays, bidets can be found in the form of spray attachments, toilet seats, or even a complete toilet system. Each has its advantages, and there are endless options to choose from, so let’s take a look at each category:
Non-electric Bidet Attachments
Non-electric bidet attachments and handheld sprayers are a popular choice for those who want to try breaking free from toilet paper with an inexpensive wash option. The non-electric attachments and sprayers connect to the existing toilet water line and provide a basic cold water wash spray powered by the water pressure. With simple installation, a low price point, and a basic wash function, non-electric bidet attachments are a low-cost introduction to bidets.
Bidet Toilet Systems
Jumping from one end of the bidet spectrum to the other, we have bidet toilets, which replace your existing toilet entirely. Sometimes called “Smart Toilets,” these systems include a toilet with an electric bidet built onto the top of the bowl. They offer a sleek design, high-tech look, and tons of functionality, but come with a pretty hefty price tag. This option is definitely an investment, but it lets you completely upgrade your toilet. These tend to be a good option for those doing a bathroom remodel or a new home build since it replaces the toilet rather than is added to the toilet
Bidet Toilet Seats
Probably the most popular bidet option is the electric bidet toilet seat, which is a happy medium between the non-electric attachment and the bidet toilet system. The bidet seat installs on your existing toilet just as an attachment does, but provides the features and functions of a smart toilet bidet system. With a simple installation process, just as many features as a bidet toilet, and a much more appealing price range, bidet seats are hard to beat.

Is There Even A Comparison?

Bidets are taking off with the American market, as people are discovering that there is a better alternative to wiping with toilet paper. Bidets have always been the perfect complement to the toilet, even before the modern toilet existed. And now that technology has provided a bidet that integrates into your existing toilet, making the change is easier than ever.
Washing with water is an everyday experience, so it is easy to understand that washing with water is better than wiping with toilet paper. But in addition to a basic water spray, modern bidet seats include a variety of features that will vastly improve your bathroom experience

Basic Features

Expanding on what bidets actually do, let’s take a look at basic features that every modern bidet should provide:
Adjustable Water Pressure
When it comes to your most sensitive areas, it’s important that you are able to use a wash stream that offers a comfortable pressure level for each user. The best bidets that are available in 2022 let users adjust the water pressure. So you can choose a gentler low-pressure wash or a stronger high-pressure spray depending on your personal needs and preferences.
Variable Nozzle Position
Sitting on the toilet offers little room to maneuver and adjust, so having an adjustable nozzle is a priority. Adjusting the position of the nozzle lets users find the best angle for the spray that best suits their body for a thorough cleaning.
Front and Rear Wash
If you are talking about anything other than a handheld sprayer, it’s imperative that your system has front and rear wash capabilities. After all, the point of a bidet is to give you a better alternative to toilet paper, so why would you want to wash the back and wipe the front? With separate spray ports with different positions, having both of these wash functions is another way modern bidets offer a more personalized experience.

Water Temperature Control

Electric bidet seats and smart toilets are equipped with water heating systems built inside them so that you can have a warm water wash. This is a “must-have” feature for many people. The water temperature can be adjusted, usually with three or four different temperature settings, so users can choose a water temperature based on their preference.

Advanced Bidet Features

There are certain things that pretty much every bidet seat will have in 2022, but other features add greater comfort and even a bit of a “wow” factor. Here are some of the coolest things bidets have to offer in the electric bidet seat category:

Heated Seating

There are few things better than coming up to a warm seat on a cold day. Most electric bidets offer heated seating, which can be adjusted to your liking. Never come up to a cold seat again!

User Presets

Most households and offices have multiple inhabitants, which makes user presets extremely convenient. With presets, users can save their own nozzle position, water temperature, and other settings and retrieve them at the press of a button.

Remote Controls

How will you control the vast number of features, settings, and functions at your disposal? With your bidet’s remote control, of course! The layout, buttons, and functions vary by model, but remotes make it easy to access the full-bidet experience and are easier to see and use compared to attached control panels. Then I was prescribed Modafinil at age 40 and was able to focus, had energy and social confidence

Oscillating Spray Nozzles

Another popular function among all of the top bidets is the oscillation feature. This signals the nozzles to oscillate back and forth during the wash cycle, providing a highly effective cleanse that sprays a broader area than with a static spray.

Massaging & Enema Functions

Some bidets go above and beyond with features like the BB2000’s “turbo” or massaging functions.
Bidets like this harness impressive power to soothe, relieve, and help you make your movement.

Self-Sanitizing Seats

One of the most amazing features that has been integrated into a toilet seat is the power to sanitize itself. With seats like the
TOTO S550E Washlet, users can take advantage of its advanced self-cleaning and sterilizing e-water feature. The bidet seat uses electrolyzed water to pre-rinse the bowl and provides a post-use sanitization, reducing germs and bacteria within the bowl and on the nozzles.

Are Bidets The Best Counterpart For A Toilet?

Now that we have established some of the awesome benefits that bidets can offer, it’s clear that it’s not a competition between toilets and bidets. It’s actually a competition between toilet paper and bidets. And bidets win hands-down.
Why is it so easy to say that bidets are better than toilet paper? Let’s look at some benefits of owning a bidet:

Bidets Have A Smaller Impact

Paper products are responsible for an alarming rate of deforestation, with toilet paper being one of the biggest contributors. Switching to a bidet system won’t solve the world’s climate change issues, but you can feel better knowing that you are limiting your paper waste.

Wiping Adds Up

A big drawback for many consumers is the price point of bidets, but you will likely save in the long run. With quality bidets lasting upwards of six years and many families spending up to $100 or more per year on paper, the savings on toilet paper can pay for the bidet over time.

Maximize Your Hygiene

Plenty of individuals have a hard time trusting the thoroughness of toilet paper cleaning, and this is especially true for those with limited mobility or physical dexterity. Bidets make it much easier to take care of self-cleaning in the bathroom, not to mention the greater cleanliness and refreshing feeling achieved by washing with water.

Built-In Deodorization

Another feature that has become available with bidets is the deodorization function, which uses a carbon filter to reduce or eliminate bathroom odors. As you go, the filter reduces odor, which is especially nice for busy homes or businesses.

Make “Going” More Enjoyable

Bidets started as a simple cleaning method, but there are so many options now, it’s hard not to let yourself fall for some luxurious features. Simply put, modern bidet seats are far more than just a simple spraying device. Comparing prices and features can help you find the best fit for your needs.


Bidets are not intended to replace toilets, but rather they are designed to enhance your bathroom experience. Whether you are looking at a basic bidet or one of 2022’s top seats, it will be an improvement to the old standard set by toilet paper.
With a bidet seat, you can access a whole new world of restroom luxury, minimize your environmental impact, and recoup your costs by the time all is said and done! If you still have questions about bidets, head over to the ultimate bidet seat guide and find everything you need to know.
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