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GoBidet GB 2003C Chrome

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Hot Water Kit

The GoBidet GB 2003C is a non-electric bidet attachment that fits onto your existing toilet.  More precisely - it installs in between the the toilet bowl and your existing toilet seat.  Although it's typically used as a cold-water-only bidet, an optional hot water kit is available which allows you to mix hot and cold water together to achieve your desired water temperature.  The cold water supply comes from the existing supply line behind your toilet.  A T-Connection, or "splitter" is included with your shipment so you can split your cold water line two ways - one way will continue to your toilet, while the other way runs to the bidet.  If you elect for the hot water kit, you would tap into the hot water supply underneath your sink using a similar "splitter" method.

The GB 2003C works with a swiveling nozzle which you control with a lever.  The swiveling nozzle conveniently tucks away to the side, underneath your toilet seat when not in use.  When you want to activate the water spray, you simply swivel the nozzle out and in position beneath you.  The spray is activated with an easy-to-use joystick control - pulling back on the joystick activates the spray.  The amount of water pressure you get is determined by how far you pull the joystick back.  So pull the joystick back all the way for a stronger spray, or pull back gently for a softer spray.  For those who opt for the hot water kit, you can control the water temperature by moving the joystick left and right.

The position of the spray can be adjusted by swiveling the nozzle slightly more forward or backward, until you get the proper spray coverage.  When finished washing, simply push the joystick to the forward position which turns off the spray.  Then you'll want to move the nozzle out of the way (and out of sight), by swiveling the nozzle back to the side position underneath your toilet seat.

The GoBidet GB 2003C is a great solution for those who are looking for the benefits of having a bidet, but don't have an electrical outlet nearby.  Or perhaps you are looking for something more simple and less sophisticated than our advanced bidet seats, which actually take the place of your entire toilet seat.  Whatever the reason, the GoBidet GB 2003C is a great choice for your bidet needs.

Fits both one-piece and two-piece toilets, in either round or elongated sizes.  All water lines and fittings come included for complete assembly and installation.


GoBidet GB 2003C Features:

  • Non-electric bidet does not need electricity or batteries
  • Fully operated by water pressure alone
  • Attractive and durable chrome finish
  • Spray nozzle can be positioned for both posterior and feminine washes
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Adjustable water temperature (optional)

Optional Hot Water Kit (+$20.00):

The GoBidet GB 2003C can be used with cold water only.  But if you prefer, you can add this optional hot water kit to your order for $20.  This kit will allow you to mix hot and cold water together to achieve your desired water temp.  You simply connect the hose to the hot water connection underneath your sink.  A T-Connection or "splitter" is included so you can split the hot water supply - one way would continue up to your sink, the other way would run to the bidet.



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    GoBidet GB 2003C Chrome
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