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We have exclusive video reviews of our top selling bidets here at bidetsPLUS.  We hope you enjoy watching these bidet seat reviews, and learn from each one of them.  You can also read our written bidet reviews by clicking the appropriate link below.  Check back here occasionally, as we’ll be adding to our collection.  And here's a list of our Best Bidet Toilet Seats w/ Comparison Chart for your convenience.

Note:  You'll see a square piece of paper on the toilet seat in some of the scenes of these bidet reviews.  This paper was dampened slightly with water to activate the seat sensor, so we could demonstrate bidet functions.


Bio Bidet BB 2000 Review

The Bio Bidet BB 2000 comes with an upgraded water heating system and a new slimmer design. The remote control has been redesigned too and now comes in your choice of two colors - white or black. Use the warm air dry to help with residual moisture after washing. The popular heated toilet seat feature is great during the winter months.

Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Review

The all new Bio Bidet Discovery DLS is aimed at higher-end consumers with its luxury rich feature set.  In addition to the standard bidet features, the Discovery DLS includes a dynamic wash stream and UV nozzle sterilization functions.  It is also the first model from Bio Bidet to include an automatic open/close seat and lid which helps drive a hands-free toileting experience.

Bio Bidet BB 1000 Review

The bidet has a move function and a massage feature. The move function moves the wash nozzle back and forth, widening the cleaning area. And the massage feature pulsates the water stream. You can use the oscillation and massage features at the same time as well, so it's not just one or the other.

Bio Bidet BB 600 Review

According to manufacturer specifications, the bidet measures 18.3 inches wide, including the control panel in the measurement. But if you exclude the control panel, the body itself is closer to 16 inches wide. The control panel is on the right side of the unit. The water intake hose connects to the unit on this (right) side as well.


Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition Review

The Bio Bidet DIB Special Edition offers a wide variety of wash modes including posterior wash, feminine wash, vortex (enema) wash, and child mode features.  It also boasts two user presets, a user-friendly ergonomic seating area, and a lid you can sit on.  The in-bowl night light illuminates the toilet bowl for easier use at night.

Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Review

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity offers the highest degree of user control and customization available in a bidet toilet seat.  In addition to water temperature, water pressure and spray position controls, you can also adjust the spray-width by aerating the water stream.  You can even customize the brightness of the night light, and strength of the air dry fan.  Also includes two user presets.

Bio Bidet A7 Aura Review

The Bio Bidet A7 Aura is a mid-range offering, similar to the A8 Serenity but at a more affordable price.  Instead of a remote control like the A8, the A7 Aura comes with an attached control panel.  Other differences when compared to the A8, is that the A7 Aura does not have a warm air dryer or air deodorizer.  But you still get the great washing action of the A8, and two user presets still come included. 

Blooming NB-R1570 Review

The Blooming NB-R1570 is the newer version of the previous generation Blooming NB-R1063. It has an ergonomic design with curves in the rear housing area to better accommodate the curves of your back.  Upgrades include an automatic open/close seat and lid and a sturdy lid you can sit on.

Blooming NB-R1063 Review

This bidetsPLUS bidet review features the Blooming NB-R1063. This is a fully featured bidet seat equipped with massage and water pulse features. Additional features include a temperature controlled, heated toilet seat and a handy LED night light which illuminates the toilet bowl with a warm glow.

Brondell Swash 1400 Review

The Brondell Swash 1400 is a significant upgrade over Brondell's previous generation Swash 1000.  Some of the nice upgrades you'll find in this seat are two user presets, a night light, and a longer feminine nozzle which provides better forward reach for women.  They've also moved the electric cord over to the same side as the inlet for the water connection.

Brondell Swash 1000 Review

The Brondell Swash 1000 is packed with some of the latest technology a bidet seat has to offer. Operated with a wireless remote control, the bidet is easy to use. The Brondell Swash 1000 has clean, contemporary lines and also has a compact profile when mounted on the toilet.  It also includes twin stainless steel nozzles and a nozzle sterilization feature. 

Brondell Swash DS725 Review

The Brondell Swash DS725 is a mid-range offering from Brondell, with many similarities to the higher-end Swash series bidet seats - but at a more affordable price.  This bidet seat still offers rear wash, feminine wash, oscillating and pulsating cleanses.  The DS725 also comes fully equipped with a heated seat, air dryer and air deodorizer. 

Kohler Novita BH90, BH93 Review

The Kohler Novita BH90 is a premium bidet seat offering.  The Kohler Novita BH90 has every feature you would expect in a luxury bidet seat, including a night light and an automatic opening seat and lid.  There is a brushed stainless steel inlay at the rear of the unit which gives a high-end look.

Kohler Novita BN 330 Review

The Kohler Novita BN 330 is an entry-level budget model, but still comes with most of the features you would expect in an electronic bidet seat.  It's compact toilet-mounting system makes it compatible with virtually any toilet, even those harder-to-fit one piece toilets with a curved water tank.

TOTO S550e, S500e Review

The TOTO S550e and S500e are TOTO's signature washlets.  A super high-end model which comes with many advanced features such as an automatic opening/closing seat and lid, eWater system, toilet bowl misting, and two user presets.  This newest offering from TOTO also comes in your choice of two lid styles - contemporary or classic.

TOTO K300 Review

The TOTO K300 is a mid-range offering from TOTO, with a feature set landing between the flagship S550e/S500e models and the entry level C200.  The TOTO K300 still comes fully featured and you you even get on-demand, tankless water heating and toilet bowl misting.  But there is no automatic opening/closing seat and lid and no eWater technology. 

TOTO C200 Review

The TOTO C200 is TOTO's entry-level model.  With the C200, you get a TOTO washlet at a more attracive price.  Still equipped with both posterior and feminine washes, this seat will provide you comfort and hygiene.  The TOTO C200 is a great choice who are looking for the TOTO brand but want to spend a little bit less.

USPA 6800 Review

The first thing you notice about the remote control is that it's very compact - so it fits in one hand nicely. It has a silver and grey color scheme and the buttons are clearly labeled. You can still operate the basic functions of the bidet without the remote, with the small control panel on the right side of the unit.

At bidetsPLUS, we believe bidet reviews are essential to complete your shopping experience with us.  After all, you’re considering spending $500 - $1,000 on a bidet seat and you should know what you’re paying for.  Our bidet toilet seat reviews help you do just that.

We have detailed bidet review write-ups for most of the bidets you’ll find in our store.  We break our written bidet reviews into five sections – Design, Controls, Functions, Air Dry and Additional Features.  In the Design section of our bidet seat reviews, we go over first impressions and aesthetics of the bidet seat.  We also discuss specifics such as dimensions of the seat, what the indicator lights mean, and where to find the water intake and electric cord.

In the Controls section of our bidet review, we go over the control panel which is used to activate all of the bidet’s functions (for remote-operated models, we provide an overview of the remote control).  We talk about what we liked about the remote, how the buttons are labeled, and how it was to use.  You won’t be able to find this level of detail in other bidet toilet seat reviews.

Then, there’s the most important part of our bidet review, the Functions.  We’ll go over how the bidet seat works – whether it’s a single nozzle or twin nozzle system.  Can the position of the wash nozzle be adjusted?  Does it have a turbo wash feature?  Our bidet toilet seat reviews have the answers, and you’ll probably learn more than you originally first thought. 

The Air Dry section is another important area for our bidet seat reviews.  Bidet seats can really help eliminate the need for toilet paper, but a lot of that depends on the strength of the air dry.  For example, a bidet with a high number of adjustability settings means that drying time can be quicker.  Our bidet seat reviews provide the number of adjustability settings for every bidet in our store.  Some people never use the air dry at all.  But if reducing paper waste is important to you, you’ll definitely want to choose a bidet seat that has a strong air dry.

The Additional Features section of our bidet reviews talks about, well, additional features!  Like, does it have an air deodorizer?  Does the bidet have a warmed toilet seat?  Does this lid slam shut or is it soft-closing?  These are the types of answers you’ll find in this final section of our bidet toilet seat reviews.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million!  Yes, at bidetsPLUS you will find exclusive bidet review videos you won’t find anywhere else.  These bidet toilet seat reviews videos give you a hands-on feel for the bidet, which can’t be duplicated with words alone.  You have to see the bidet in action.  And since we take scenes from multiple angles, you can get nearly a 360 degree view.  Our videos really bring our bidet seat reviews to life.

Our bidet review videos are self-produced, which means we’re not just reading out of the owner’s manual.  We thoroughly review and test these bidets ourselves, and provide you with our honest thoughts and opinions.  Our reviews are totally objective, and without bias.  We just want to deliver the facts.  By watching a few of our bidet seat reviews, you’ll see that we really know what we’re talking about.  After all, we’ve reviewed and tested a lot of bidet seats here at bidetsPLUS and we are the bidet experts!  We know our products inside and out.

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