Will a bidet seat fit my toilet?

Great question!  To find out, click on this link, Will This Bidet Seat Fit My Toilet? - a fitting chart will pop-up which will walk you through some simple measurements.

Do I need a plumber to install?

Nope. All the bidet seats in our store are designed for Do it Yourself (DIY) installation, and can be installed in about 30 minutes.  All parts required to install your bidet will be included with your shipment.  You should also watch our How to Install a Bidet Seat video available on our website, which shows you how to install.


Does a bidet seat need electricity?

Yes, you will need to plug the bidet seat to a nearby electrical outlet.  Like most power cords in the U.S., the power cord of your bidet seat has two flat pins, with one round pin at the bottom.  The bidet toilet seat is compatible with any standard 120V outlet.  However, we do recommend the use of a GFCI outlet whenever possible.  GFCI outlets are commonly found in bathrooms and have the familiar “Test” and "Reset" buttons.

How long is the power cord?

The power cord for all the seats in our store are approximately 3.5 feet long.  All our bidet seats have the power cord extending from the right side of the seat, assuming you are looking at the toilet face-on.  The only exception to this are the TOTO seats; TOTO have their electric cords extending from the left.

Does a bidet seat need a hot water connection?

No.  There is a water heater inside your bidet that heats the water, so only a cold water connection is required.  You'll find an existing cold water outlet behind your toilet, which refills your toilet tank every time you flush.  We provide a T-Connection with your shipment, which you would attach to your existing cold water outlet.  The T-Connection allows the water to run two different ways – one way will be back to your toilet tank, and the other way will be to your bidet toilet seat.

Can I return it?

Bidets are personal hygienic devices.  As such, bidets which have been installed and/or used cannot be returned.  However - some bidets come with a 30 Day Trial and of course those seats can be returned for any reason, used or not.  You can learn more about our 30 Day Trial here.

The issue most often cited for a return request is not fitting on the toilet.  On each of our product pages, you will find a Will a Bidet Seat Fit My Toilet? guide to assist you in making this determination.  You may also call us prior to placing your order, and we will be happy to assist you. 

If you notice fitting issues after receiving your bidet toilet seat, please call us immediately and we will help you resolve.  Read our testimonials to hear about our exceptional Customer Care Team – we have never left our customers in a bad or unfair situation, and we never will.  Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

How does the warranty work?

At bidetsPLUS, we offer the highest quality bidet seats that will last for years to come.  That's why all our products are backed by an outstanding warranty package.  All our bidet seats have been rigorously tested for durability and reliability, and all are UL certified.

In the unlikely event you have a problem with your bidet toilet seat, your first step is to contact us and we’ll troubleshoot the problem with you.  If the problem can be fixed by sending you a spare part, like a new hose for example, we will do so.  Or if we determine your remote control is not working properly, we’ll ship you a new remote.

If the problem seems to be something mechanical inside your bidet seat, we’ll ask you to ship your bidet back to us.  You will be responsible for one-way shipping fees, and once repaired, bidetsPLUS will pay for shipping back to you.  In effect, we split the cost of shipping. 

Warranty coverage plans are product-specific, and warranty details for each bidet seat model can be found on each of our product pages.  You’ll also find information on (optional) Extended Warranty plans on these pages as well.

Do you have any special promotions or discounts?

We sure do, but keep in mind our special promotions are subject to availability and do change.  If you like a particular promotion currently available on the bidetsPLUS website, we suggest you place your order soon, as the offer may change in the future without notice.

Click on the following link:  Current bidetsPLUS Promotional Offers which is valid on everything throughout our store.  On top of this store-wide offer, we may also have product-specific promotions available, a free bidet water filter for example.  It’s best to look at each of our product pages, to see the special offers available for the bidet toilet seat you’re interested in.  But hurry - these promotions won’t last so take advantage of them while you can!

Can't find what you're looking for?

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