Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Review

Bio Bidet is a leading manufacturer of the modern bidet toilet seat, and the Discovery DLS is their latest luxury class bidet seat.  With this model, Bio Bidet has built on their years of experience to include technological upgrades and high-end features all incorporated in a slimmer body.  The aesthetic appeal and modern features combine to make the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS a fantastic bidet toilet seat.



The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS is notable for being Bio Bidet’s slimmest electric bidet seat to date.  It is in fact the slimmest bidet seat we carry with the bidet measuring only 4.8” at its tallest point.  When compared with most other models, the Discovery DLS has a very sleek and modern look that many users will find appealing.  The lid has a smooth flat surface across the top with a gentle downward slope from back to front.  

Towards the back of the Discovery DLS you'll see that about an inch of the rear housing is visible behind the lid.  This seam line is curved as it goes back which matches with the rounded back side of the bidet, for a more rounded and less angular appearance. The Bio Bidet logo is printed is centered on the visible part of the rear housing in light gray lettering adding a focal point without being too blunt or distracting in appearance.

The slim design of the Discovery DLS relative to other bidet seats is very noticeable when looking at the bidet in profile from the side of the unit.  Starting with the right side of the unit as you are facing the toilet, there are two things to note.  Most obviously is the power cord which extends from the rear right-hand side and measures 46 inches in length.  Also located on the right side is the quick-release button which can be used to unlatch the bidet from its mounting bracket so it can be removed from the toilet.

Over on the left side of the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS you will find the inlet for the water line connection.  The water inlet juts out slightly from the main body of the unit and then angles downward 90 degrees so that when connected the supply hose points down rather than out to the side.  Just in front of the water inlet are two auxiliary buttons.  First is the Power/Stop button.  This button can be used to stop any operation or to power off the unit.  There is a small red light that illuminates around this button when the bidet is turned on.  The other button is the Auto button.  This will initiate a 90 second wash followed immediately by a four-minute dry cycle.  While users will primarily use the wireless remote control to operate the Discovery DLS, these auxiliary buttons provide another option for basic function of the bidet.

We note in this Bio Bidet Discovery DLS review, that bidet is only available in the elongated size.  The seat itself, measuring a little over 15 inches at the widest point, is slightly wider than the seats of many other models.  The seat opening is also slightly wider toward the front compared with other seats that are a bit more tapered and narrower as you get to the front of the seat.  This design may appeal to taller and larger users who want to maximize seating space.  The slimmer design of the Discovery DLS contributes to the fact that it is also relatively light weight at 8.8 pounds.

Wireless Remote Control

The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS is operated with a wireless multi-sided remote control.  The white plastic remote is horizontally-oriented rather than vertically like a television remote, and comes with a wall mounting bracket included.  The top of the remote has a silver trim lining.  Being that it is multi-sided, the front of the remote is less cluttered with buttons and has a cleaner look than other remotes that are one-sided only.

The front of the remote has five of the most commonly used function buttons spread across with icons and words denoting the function.  Starting from the left side, the stop button can be used at any time to stop any wash or dry function.  Next is the Front button which initiates the front or feminine wash.  This is followed by the Rear button for the rear or posterior wash.  Next, the Dryer button activates the much-improved warm air dryer to help with residual water after washing.  Finally, you will see the Auto button which, just like the auxiliary Auto button on the left side of the unit, goes through a 90 second wash followed by a four-minute air dry.  

Turn the remote around to the back side and you will find buttons for adjusting various settings and for activating additional features.  Water pressure and nozzle position can be adjusted using the left side.  Buttons for adjusting the temperature setting for the air dryer, water and seat make up a bottom row of buttons, each with an indicator light above it.  There is a button to turn the night light on or off.  The Nozzle clean button extends the wash nozzle for manual cleaning.  And the Dynamic stream button can be pressed during any wash cycle to make the water temperature alternate from hot to cold.  You can also see that the manufacturer Bio Bidet included their phone number for support on the back of the remote, a nice touch in case you run into any issues or questions about your Discovery DLS.

In addition to the front and back, you will also find to buttons located along the narrow top part of the remote control.  These buttons can be used to automatically open or close either the seat or lid of the Discovery DLS.  We note the unit also has a sensor that detects when someone approaches the unit, which automatically raises the lid.  The lid (and the seat if raised) will close automatically when you leave the area.

Bidet Functions

As would be expected in a high-end bidet toilet seat, the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS includes the standard wash functions you would expect plus some additional features unique to this model.  It uses a single stainless-steel self-rinsing wash nozzle with separate spray ports for the posterior and feminine wash.  The updated on-demand water heating system provides continuous warm water with adjustable temperature control.  Water pressure and nozzle position can also be adjusted to your preferred settings of course.

One innovation added to the Discovery DLS is the fact that the wash nozzle oscillates by default, for both feminine and posterior wash functions.  The oscillating function moves the nozzle back and forth during the wash cycle as a way of covering a broader wash area.  It’s a popular feature that improves washing effectiveness, so we can understand why Bio Bidet made it the automatic setting when you initiate either a feminine or posterior wash cycle.  And if you prefer not to use oscillation during your wash cycle, you can simply press the wash button a second time and the nozzle will stop moving and remain stationary.  You can then adjust the nozzle forward or backwards using the nozzle position buttons on the back of the remote.

Another unique feature added to the Discovery DLS is the dynamic wash.  You can activate this function during any wash cycle and the water temperature will alternate back and forth from hot to cold which can help alleviate constipation.  The improved water heating system built into the Discovery DLS is what makes this feature possible as the heater is more responsive for quicker temperature adjustment compared to other water heating systems.  

You will also find the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS includes an Auto feature.  This is a feature designed to simplify operation as it will activate a 90 second wash followed immediately by four minutes of the air dryer.  One last upgrade of note is the ultraviolet (UV) sterilization.  UV light has been used as a disinfecting agent for decades and works by breaking down chemical bonds, so it is highly effective at killing any bacteria or other pathogens to keep your bidet clean and germ-free.  The nozzle is automatically cleaned with the UV light every time it retracts into the unit after each use.

Additional Features

There are a few additional features included that make the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS a truly high-end luxury bidet seat.  The most notable extra feature is the automatic opening and closing lid.  A sensor detects when someone approaches and automatically raises the lid and then gently lowers it after you leave the vicinity.  The seat can also be automatically raised and lowered using a button located on the top of the remote control.  Bio Bidet has also improved the air dryer strength on the Discovery DLS giving it the best air dryer to date.  The strong dryer and automatic lid and seat allow for a hands-free experience.  Besides the automatic opening function of the lid, you can also safely sit on the lid when closed which is unique for bidet seats.  We note that the auto opening lid function should be disabled if you are going to sit on the lid.  

Other features include an adjustable temperature heated seat which is extremely popular in colder months.  There is also a built-in night light that illuminates the bowl area so you can use the bathroom at night without needing to turn on bright bathroom lights.  The last thing we want to mention is the warranty.  Bio Bidet includes at no additional charge a full five-year 100% warranty standard with the Discovery DLS.  This is the best warranty included with any bidet seat and adds to the overall value of this high-end unit.

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