Bidet Seat Air Deodorizers

Among the many common features that you’ll find in most electronic bidet seats on the market these days is a built-in air deodorizer. When people find out about the air deodorizer feature, they sometimes want to know they come in different scents like candles. Perhaps apple or lavender or maybe a fresh linen scent? The answer is actually none. These air deodorizers have no smell.

Instead of covering up odors with a different smell like sprays or candles attempt to do, the air deodorizers found in bidet seats live up to the name deodorizer – they remove the odor from the air instead of masking it with something else. How does it pull off this feat? The deodorizer works using a process known as adsorption to eliminate the offending particles from your bathroom.

Inside the air filter in the bidet is an active carbon filtration system. Oxygen is used as an activating agent that causes the carbon to become highly porous which increases the surface area drastically. The millions of pores provide for greater surface area which attracts particles from unwanted odors to break their bond with the air.  When air passes through the filter, the activated carbon effectively grabs unwanted particles to leave the passing air cleaner. This process of adsorption, not to be confused with absorption, is used in various commercial and environmental applications.

Sounds great, but how exactly does the bidet get outside air to pass through the air deodorizer system? The air deodorizer needs a volume of circulating air in order to optimize its effectiveness. This is why the bidet has an intake fan, which sucks the air in to pass through the carbon filter so the filter can clean the air.

Air deodorizers found in bidet toilet seats that use active carbon adsorption are very efficient at cleaning the air safely. They offer a great alternative to aerosols that simply act to cover up odors with chemical particles, especially for anyone who may be sensitive to the chemicals in aerosols. This type of built-in air deodorizer has become one of the must-have features for many bidet buyers, and as such has become a widely included feature on the majority of quality bidet seats on the market today.