USPA 6800 Review

This USPA bidet review covers the USPA 6800.  We’ll go over some of the main features of the USPA 6800 in this bidet review.

Note:  You'll see a square piece of paper on the toilet seat in some of the scenes of these bidet reviews.  This paper was dampened slightly with water to activate the seat sensor, so we could demonstrate bidet functions.




From the front, the USPA 6800 bidet toilet seat has a fairly compact profile as it blends in nicely with the rest of the toilet.  The lid has a gentle slope moving back to front which gives it a nice finish.  There are beveled edges around the lid as well, and a little notch in front of the lid will aid in getting the seat up.

A unique design element of the USPA 6800 bidet toilet seat is the placement of the electric cord.  While most bidet toilet seats have the electric cord coming out from the side, this bidet seat has it centered at the rear of the unit.  This lets you swing the cord either to the left or the right side, depending on where your power outlet is.

According to manufacturer specifications, the toilet bidet seat measures 15.4 inches wide.  The elongated seat version measures 20.5 inches long, while the round seat version measures 19.2 inches long.

There is a wash button on the right side of the bidet seat which starts and stops the wash feature.  This lets you operate the bidet, even without the remote control.  On the left side of the toilet bidet seat, you’ll find vents for the air deodorizer towards the back.  Carbon refills can easily be replaced, and then re-inserted back into the unit.  There’s also a power button above the air deodorizer.  This is useful when traveling away from home, and you want to turn your toilet bidet seat off for a couple weeks.  We also note in this USPA bidet review that the bidet is 5.6 inches in height at its tallest point in the rear, and weighs 10 pounds.


Wireless Remote Control

The USPA 6800 has an attractive remote control, with a white and blue color scheme – it comes with a white background and the buttons are labeled in blue.  The buttons are easy to read and well-labeled.  An LCD screen indicates which of the bidet toilet seat’s functions are being used, and also indicates under which setting.  For example, if the nozzle position is in the third setting, the LCD will show that. 

The wireless remote control also comes with a remote control holder which can be mounted on the wall.  The remote slides comfortably into its holder, and magnets in the casing keep the remote from falling out.  The remote requires three AAA batteries, which are included.


Bidet Functions

The bidet works with a dual nozzle, single pocket system.  The nozzles are actually stacked on top of each other inside the housing pocket.  Posterior wash is handled by the nozzle on top, while feminine wash is handled by the nozzle below. 

Nozzle position on the USPA 6800 is adjustable.  Both water temperature, and water pressure can be adjusted as well.  These adjustments are easily made via the remote control.

The bidet toilet seat also has massage and pulsation features.  The massage function extends the nozzle back and forth which widens the cleaning area.  And the pulsation feature pulsates the water stream.  These features are available for both posterior and feminine washes.  We also point out in this USPA bidet review, that the massage and pulsation features can be used at the same time as well, so it’s not just one or the other.


Additional Features

The bidet also features a slow closing seat and lid.  Additional features include a temperature controlled, heated seat, but if you prefer your seat at room temperature this feature can be turned off.  You'll also find a convenient air dry on this model.  The strength of the air dry is adjustable, with two different air dry settings.  The bidet also includes a power saving mode, a "kids mode" for children, and a self cleaning function which rinses off the nozzles before and after each use.

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