Where Are Bidets Common?

Bidets are used in many countries around the world, which may be hard to believe with North America's dependency on toilet paper.

The Divide Between Toilet Paper & Bidets

Have you ever wondered why the U.S is so stuck in its ways when it comes to using toilet paper? It's probably because the preference has been established for centuries. The bidet was developed in the 1700s for French royalty but a visionary in America saw an alternate option. While the popularity of commercialized toilet paper spread in America, other countries chose to use bidets.

Bidets Are Found Around The World

While households in the U.S favor dry toilet paper to this day, bidets are the dominant cleaning method in places like France, Japan, Italy, and Portugal. In many Asian countries, you will find bidet attachments fixed to the toilet bowl in public restrooms and the same can be said in Western Europe. Even South American countries like Venezuela have grown to prefer a spray wash.

Types Of Bidets

Bidets started as a separate basin which was used to wash private areas after using the bathroom. While the method worked for a time, we have come a long way since then. Now, there are several options available for those who want a bidet in their home.

Stand Alone Bidets

Stand alone spray systems are fairly self-explanatory. With these systems, the bathroom will have a toilet with a separate bidet next to it. After the user is finished with the porcelain throne, they transfer to the bidet fixture to cleanse.

Bidet Attachments

bidet attachment provides the simplest washing process. With a quick installation and low cost, there is a low commitment level and no required changes to your indoor plumbing. You won't have an abundance of features but that's OK for most entry-level bidet owners.

Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidet seats function much like attachments but with some major improvements. With a bidet toilet seat, there are various features available like heated seating, oscillating washing, and air-dry, offering a better bathroom trip every time. The only additional requirement for bidet seats is an electrical outlet nearby (if you choose an electric bidet model).

Complete Toilet System

If sleek and modern are your style, say hello to the bidet toilet. They are considerably more expensive but hold all the amenities you could wish for and eliminate the need for a water reservoir. If you are trying to send your bathroom into the future, this is the bidet for you.

What Makes A Bidet Shower Better

Heated Seat Superior Wash

If you could wipe yourself completely clean, wouldn't that replace showers for the rest of our bodies? A bidet shower offers variable pressure, temperature control, and adjustable nozzles to achieve the maximum cleaning effect each time.

Soothing Water Pressure

Washing with a bidet gives you a gently, refreshing stream of water versus the agitating feel of toilet paper. All of the adjustments make it easy to find the perfect angle, temperature, and pressure for the most comfortable experience.


Among the many things a bidet can do, some models come with self-cleansing nozzles and sterilizing mist. This provides the highest level of cleanliness and reduces the amount of sanitization you have to do in the bathroom.

The Perfect Toilet Seat Companion

Bidets and bidet attachments are the ideal addition to any bathroom for various reasons. While switching from the wiping method may seem like a big transition, it's worth it. Other cultures have benefitted from the bidet for centuries, so why shouldn't bathrooms in the U.S offer the same experience?

Why Use Bidets?


When the Coronavirus pandemic first hit, people scrambled into stores so they could stock up on toilet paper and wipes, fearing the country would shortly run out. Those with a bidet were able to focus on more pressing matters. As long as you have a water supply (and electricity if you have a plug-in bidet), you can wash. This is also beneficial for those who are tired of making toilet paper trips, since bidets can almost entirely eliminate the necessity.


Deforestation is a severe consequence of paper products like toilet paper. South America, Canada, and other countries lose thousands of acres each day to keep the toilet paper rolling. Using a bidet on the other hand requires nothing but a gentle stream of water. Switching to a bidet spray system could save more than 100 rolls of toilet paper per person, per year!


As we have previously stated, bidets could save you 100 rolls of toilet paper or more each year, per person in your home. With a bidet system, you could save hundreds every year by reducing or stopping toilet paper consumption. Bidets tend to cost more than toilet paper initially, but the amount you save will quickly recover the expense and with spray systems lasting almost a decade in some cases, they're well-worth it.

Improved Personal Hygiene

Bidets have numerous positive attributes for your home and the planet, but let's talk about how they can serve you. A bidet provides cleaning power that toilet paper and wet wipes just can't match. By accurately distributing a gentle, yet powerful water stream, bidets thoroughly cleanse the posterior and frontal regions. The enhanced clean offers better hygiene and convenient controls make bidet showers an excellent resource for those with limited mobility.

Bidets Are Becoming Common Bathroom Fixtures

Originating in France, bidets have become a preference in various countries throughout the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and European countries. In recent years, they have gained traction in the U.S and other countries. But, since the vast majority of Americans were not exposed to bidets until World War II, it has taken some time to spark interest in the U.S. As more Americans experience the benefits of bidets, their relevance will continue to grow.