Do Bidets Have Dryers? 5 Best Bidets With A Dryer Feature

Do Bidets Have Dryers? 5 Best Bidets With A Dryer Feature

A bidet wash system is one of the most useful improvements you can make to your restroom, with endless features, a sleek design, and astonishing health benefits. The drastic improvements in the hygiene department, steady toilet paper savings, and increased comfort are usually enough to make people ecstatic for the switch. But there is a common question for those who have never used a bidet - How do you dry yourself after the wash is over?

How To Dry With A Bidet?

There are a few different options for drying off after your wash with a bidet seat. One is to use a little bit of toilet paper to dab off any remaining residual moisture. Although this won't totally eliminate your toilet paper use, you'll definitely still be saving on toilet paper, saving up to 75% or more. An alternative to toilet paper drying is using a personal cloth or towel. These cloths can eliminate the need for toilet paper and can be laundered as well.

The most attractive option for drying after using a bidet is to purchase a model with heated air drying. Many of 2024’s top bidet systems come with a built-in air dryer, which gives a gentle burst of warm air to help you dry. It is similar to a warm air hand dryer after washing your hands. Models with an air dryer may cost a bit extra, but many people wouldn’t go without.

How A Bidet’s Air Dryer Works?

Bidets toilet seats use an advanced process to create the on-demand warm-air dryer. To start, the feature needs electricity to activate, so your bidet will need an electrical outlet close by for the power source. The process is called resistive heating and it is the same method used in toasters, space heaters, hair dryers, and electric ovens.

Sending an electric current through a resistor (conductive material), the bidet is able to send electricity through coils, which are wrapped around a conductive object. The resistance creates heat, which the bidet system can disperse using the dryer fan to more efficiently dry its user.

Bidet Seats With Warm Air Drying

Having a warm air-dry function on your bidet toilet seat is a huge advantage, saving you time and toilet paper, but which model is right for you? Plenty of models include a dryer, but it’s all the other features that make a bidet perfect for your home. Here are some of 2024’s top bidets with a built-in air dryer:

1. Bio Bidet BB 2000

Bio Bidet showed its superiority in washing function on their BB2000 bidet toilet seat. This model has one of the largest spray volumes on the market, which translates to a stronger spray pressure and more effective cleaning performance. Many brands have tried to match the spray power of Bio Bidet’s BB 2000 with no success.

2. Brondell Swash Series

Most of the models within Brondell’s Swash lineup include heated air-drying, including the Swash 1000, Swash 1400, and Swash EM617. This diverse series lets consumers explore high-quality systems on various budgets. Check the
bidet comparison for key differences!

3. Kohler Novita

Kohler’s Novita BH90 holds its own against the top contenders of 2024 with their innovative technology. The Novita BH90 boasts a dynamic remote control, an automatic opening and closing lid, and even a child-wash setting to help your kids feel more comfortable.

4. TOTO S550e Washlet

The S550e Washlet is a true masterpiece, designed by TOTO to offer new amenities like the e-water mist. The e-water (electrolyzed water) used in TOTO’s washlet reduces bacteria growth and assists with toilet bowl sanitization, leading to an overall cleaner toilet. Choose between the contemporary and classic style, sit, and enjoy its soothing massage function. This level of luxury won’t come cheap, but it’s worth the price!

5. Blooming

With a sleek design and a hybrid water heating system, the Blooming NB R1570 and 1063 seats have a lot to offer. From an auto-closing lid to the self-diagnostic function, these bidets were built to perform and impress. Other Features that Blooming delivers in this line include a night light, air deodorizer, and pulsating wash!

Which Bidet Dryer Is The Best?

Different opinions are constantly circulating over who has the best warm air-dryer, but there is one brand that seems to always come out on-top. The TOTO S550e Washlet has an impressive drying capability amongst all of its other desirable features. Then again, who could be surprised that TOTO is at the top of the list for their air drying function too?

Are Bidet Dryers Sanitary?

Contrary to what you may have heard, bidet seats are the most sanitary way to use the restroom, and that extends to the drying function. With a bidet, you never have to reach around, smear anything, or touch anything except for a button! A bidet’s air dryer leaves you clean, refreshed, and residue-free for a better-feeling clean. I started Ambien the first time when I was 17, the 5mg dose. Not only are bidets sanitary to dry with, but they are also a healthier cleaning option. When it comes to the health of your body, take nothing for granted. When that extra wipe, or two, or five, turns into a hemorrhoid, you’ll rethink sticking with toilet paper. Bidet systems have proven to decrease risks of bladder infections, urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, and other “going” related complications. When you achieve a proper clean, there is less to worry about!

Is A Warm Air Dryer Worth It

The majority of today’s most popular bidet models include a heated air-dry function. While there is an initial cost for this amenity, you are sure to see the savings over time in reduced toilet paper consumption, and most consumers appreciate that decision later on.

Many American households spend more than $120 per year on toilet paper and wiping products, which comes out to a lot of money being flushed down the toilet over time. How much could you end up spending over the next three, four, five years? With a bidet, you may pay more up front, but the unit will last you much longer than your standard supply of toilet paper. With proper care and maintenance, a bidet toilet seat can last six or more years, recouping the cost of almost any model.

In addition to the toilet paper savings, you get so much more with a bidet seat’s many features. Heated seating, adjustable settings, remote controls, night lights, auto-closing and opening lid, deodorization, massaging, and more make these modern seats a true game-changer. With a bidet, your restroom trips can be a personalized, enjoyable experience.

Do Manufacturers Warranty Air Dryers?

Most manufacturers carry a warranty on their bidets that covers part replacement and repair, including any maintenance that is required on the air dry system. The warranty varies based on the specific product you purchase, so review the details before checking out.

For more information about bidet warranties, please refer to the bidetsPLUS warranty policy.

Go With The Air-Dry Feature

Switching from toilet paper to a bidet will leave you with a healthier and more refreshing way to clean yourself in the bathroom. Plus, when you go with a unit that includes a warm air dryer, you can leave TP behind and enjoy a hands-free experience. Find the best model for your home today and give your family a better “go”.

If you are still not sure about making the switch to a bidet, take a look at what others have to say about their transition to a bidet!