Why Are Bidets Popular?

With recent toilet paper shortages and the inflating price of consumables, it’s no wonder that Americans are switching to bidets. The low running cost of bidets and assurance that your family's hygiene is covered are two great reasons for bidets' popularity, but there is so much more! The real question is, why doesn’t every household have a bidet toilet seat?

Benefits of Owning A Bidet

Bidet toilet seats are the ideal cleaning method for you, your wallet, and our planet. Purchasing a bidet seat provides numerous benefits, whether you go with a more basic model or a feature-loaded high end unit.

Spray Systems Are Cost-Effective

Toilet paper and wet wipes are an expense that won't go away unless you make a change. Families can easily spend $100 or more each year on toilet paper. Adding a bidet to your bathroom can drastically reduce or eliminate that annual cost. A bidet toilet seat will cost a bit more at first, but with all of your toilet paper savings over time, a bidet can pay for itself.

Many bidet seats are warrantied for up to three years or longer with extended warranty options, and can last much longer. So your bidet could save you hundreds before it's time for a replacement!

An Improvement To Your Personal Hygiene

To anyone who thinks toilet paper offers a thorough clean, there's a reason we shower to get clean rather than wiping ourselves off with a towel. Instead of smearing matter, bidets spray a focused stream of water to fully cleanse you after using the toilet. Using a bidet helps you feel fresh, avoid infections, and provide relief from some health issues related to bowel movements.

Bidets Are Environmentally Friendly

According to WorldAtlas, it takes one cubic foot of tree to create 40-80 rolls of toilet paper. That may not sound like much, but it's common for a person to use over 100 rolls per year. When that is multiplied by the billions who stock toilet paper in their bathrooms, the toll adds up. Toilet paper is responsible for an astounding amount of deforestation and pollution in environments that are already hurting. Installing a bidet can significantly reduce or eliminate your toilet paper consumption, which is a step in the right direction.

Water Is Better For Indoor Plumbing

Flushing wet wipes and other inorganic materials can cost homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This is especially concerning in homes that are older or may have been built with some cut-corners, leaving plumbing less-than-perfect. Using a bidet eliminates the issue since no inorganic matter will be flushed. Keep your pipes healthy with a paperless toilet.

They Are unaffected By Toilet Paper Shortages

Until recently, toilet paper shortages were something America hadn't seen since World War II. It's easy to underestimate the value of sustainability until supplies run out, and the last shortage sparked a significant bidet boom. Before the next supply chain issue happens and you are left with nothing to clean yourself with, install a bidet.

10 Most Popular Bidet Features

Modern bidets are packed with features that turn an unpleasant experience into something enjoyable. While there are dozens of amenities and functions offered by bidets across the market, here are ten fan-favorites to consider.

Heated Seat

If you're like most people, you probably dread sitting on a cold toilet seat, especially on chilly winter mornings. Fortunately, many of today's mid-class and luxury bidets have heated seats for maximum comfort. Now you can sit comfortably on your toilet while the built-in seat warmers keep things toasty.

Variable Water Pressure

Adjustable water pressure is included with most bidets to let users find the perfect intensity for their tushy washing. Modern systems also include nozzle position adjustment so you can precisely target the stream of water. These basic features help every user achieve a thorough wash.

Programmable Settings

Circling back to the advanced features, we have the programmable settings feature, offered mostly by luxury-class bidets. This nifty innovation uses a remote control interface to let you program your preferred water temperature, nozzle position, and water pressure settings. This way if other users change the various settings, you can retrieve your preferences with the press of a button.

Massage Wash

In today's stressful world, bowel movement issues are more prevalent than ever. The massaging wash can be very useful for the times when you're having a bit of trouble "going". Some models even include a "turbo" feature, which acts as an enema stream to relieve constipation.

Warm Air Dry

The ultimate goal is to completely remove toilet paper from your bathroom, but how do you get dry after washing. Some people still use toilet paper for drying purposes, while others go with a towel-drying method, but that's not a palatable solution for everyone. That’s when having the warm air dry feature comes in handy. The warm air dryer lets you quickly dry after washing by blowing a warm flow of air, similar to a hand air dryer. If you really want to eliminate toilet paper, having a warm air dryer is a must.

Oscillating Wash

The oscillating wash function moves the wash nozzle back and forth constantly during the wash cycle. Oscillation provides wide-area coverage for a more thorough cleaning. Many bidets include nozzle oscillation to offer a more effective wash option for users.

Automatic Opening and Closing Lid

With this high end feature, the lid of the bidet seat automatically opens as you approach it, and when you dismount, it will close automatically. This feature will also automatically put the seat down if it is raised during use. With auto-closing bidets, you'll never hear about the seat being left up again. Talk about maximum convenience!

Nozzle Sterilization

For those who are focused on cleanliness, the nozzle sterilization feature won't go unappreciated. With the sterilization function, the nozzles rinse themselves of germs and bacteria with no manual effort. This results in an overall cleaner bidet!

Night Light

The handy little night light found on many bidets today is something most people would never think of, but nearly everyone loves once they have it. Late-night bathroom trips have never been easier, now that you can find your way to the toilet bowl.

Air Deodorization

The air deodorization function is something everyone in the home can get behind. A carbon filter in the bidet allows the system to pull air from the bowl area and filter it through the deodorizer filter which is designed to trap particles that cause bad odors. This helps to eliminate the unpleasant odors, improving the smell inside and outside of your bathroom.

2022's Most Popular Bidets

There are lots of exceptional bidets to choose from, but there are a few models that have stood out against the competition.

TOTO Washlet

TOTO, a Japanese company, has made revolutionary changes to the bidet market. With their innovative e-water technology and superior functionality, these seats are unmatched in the luxury lineup. With the S550e Washlet, TOTO's flagship model, users can sterilize their toilet bowl with the press of a button utilizing electrolyzed water. Users can also enjoy the automatic opening and closing seat and lid function for added luxury.

Bio Bidet BB2000

Bio Bidet is another iconic bidet manufacturer that has patented some impressive technologies to improve the washing process. Their three-in-one nozzle design provides unmatched water pressure and increases the functionality of its other features, like the "turbo" option. The BB2000 is an ideal choice for those who need a bit of help sometimes, all while providing unsurpassed cleaning.

Brondell Swash

Brondell, an American bidet company, offers all of the essentials from the luxury class at a price that the average American can afford. With the Swash 1400, Brondell offers a user-friendly bidet with unique features like a sittable lid and adjustable spray width. Users can improve their bathroom with a great all-around bidet model without breaking the bank.


Bidets have taken a while to gain popularity in America, but in 2022, the only reason to wipe is if you lack regular access to indoor plumbing. Bidets are more environmentally friendly, hygienic, comfortable, and affordable than using toilet paper, so what's stopping you? Bidets are commonly used in South America, Western Europe, Asia, and other countries for good reason. Behind China, America is the biggest importer of toilet paper products, and it's time for a change.

The bidet sprayer has been used in place of toilet paper in France and other countries since the concept was presented to French royalty in the 1600s. Now, instead of bidet fixtures, we have attachable bidets which are easy to install, convenient to use, and more sanitary than ever before. The days of having to install a standalone bidet are through, so toss your toilet paper and use a bidet!