The Positive Impacts of Using a Bidet

Using a bidet is a vastly better cleaning experience than wiping with toilet paper on a daily basis. Countless reviews have expressed the benefits of a bidet, whether they prefer the soothing comfort of a gentle spray or the clean feeling from a strong stream, bidet users agree washing with water is a major upgrade over toilet paper . Another thing we often hear is how much money bidets end up saving our customers in toilet paper costs. But besides being good for your budget, did you know how much bidets can also be good for the environment?

Cut Back On Your Waste

Toilet paper consumption in the United States is big business with over $6 billion dollars spent each year on something that you literally flush down the toilet. Americans use in excess of 7 billion rolls which are produced from over 9 million trees cut down every year. That’s an awful lot of money and an awful lot of trees being flushed annually.

With big numbers like this, it can be difficult to really grasp how much TP we use. But chances are good you can recall going to the store and seeing bare shelves where the toilet paper should be. That common experience not only shows the volume of TP we consume, but it really goes to show our fundamental dependence on it. Luckily many in the US have recently come to see that they can change their relationship with toilet paper with the help of a bidet toilet seat.

How Do We Stop the Over-Consumption?

Obviously, the easiest way to reduce our consumption would be to simply use less, but until we swap paper for another method, the waste will continue. Because toilet paper is cheap and seems expendable, we treat it as such, not reflecting on the cumulative effect of our daily usage. So while bidets may seem like a big investment initially, your savings from drastically reducing your toilet paper consumption will add up to a nice return over time. Plus, you get to enjoy some luxurious features while the savings accumulate.

Different people use different amounts of toilet paper, of course, and you can try to cut back on your use. But wiping is a habit ingrained in most of use from an early age, and this habit has led to our dependence on TP. So it can be easy to understand logically that a bidet seat will undoubtedly reduce paper usage, but the hard part is breaking the habit and making the change to a bidet seat.

Luckily, bidet manufacturers have been perfecting their paper-replacement technology for years, providing customers with the fully featured modern bidet seat. Will you still need to buy the occasional pack of TP? Sure, but bidet toilet seats take the majority of paper consumption out of “going”. When using a bidet, toilet paper is more for drying, not cleaning. So your paper waste is reduced dramatically. A sheet or two is all you need when bidets give you the perfect cleanse.

When you switch your family to a bidet toilet seat, it could end up saving 80 rolls of toilet paper per year, and that’s without the factoring in the air dryer function! Not only can they lighten your environmental footprint, they also save you money in the long run.

With a bidet toilet seat, you can save money AND reduce your environmental impact, all while enjoying an upgraded bathroom experience!