Top 10 Reasons To Get a Bidet Seat

Although more consumers have started to catch onto the bidet trend, many people are still a bit unclear about what exactly a bidet seat is and what all it does. We believe that everyone should know what a bidet toilet seat can add to their life, and that is why we have compiled our top 10 reasons to get one:

  1. Water cleans you more thoroughly than toilet paper. It only makes sense that a stream of water gets you cleaner than wiping with paper, and you can feel the difference when you use a bidet.
  2. Bidets allow you to avoid the chemical irritants found in toilet paper. Many manufacturers use chemicals like bleach, dyes and perfumes in toilet paper, and these chemicals can irritate users’ skin, especially for people dealing with hemorrhoids and other related issues. Washing with water can be a much more soothing experience without the skin irritation.
  3. Get rid of seat-slamming with a bidet toilet seat. Because of the soft-closing hinge design on the seat and lid,, you can avoid the obnoxious noise and potential damage of a slamming seat or lid. This can be especially relevant if you have younger children at home!
  4. Bidets take up no additional space in your restroom. Unlike old-fashioned bidet fixtures that were like having a second toilet taking up space in the bathroom, modern bidet seats are designed to install right on top of your existing toilet. You are essentially just replacing your existing toilet seat, which users find to be a space-efficient and user-friendly design.
  5. They have built-in water heaters. You don’t need to access a separate hot water line to enjoy warm water washing. The water is heated internally and you control the temperature with a push of a button on the remote. And the same goes for the water pressure - the spray pressure can be adjusted with the remote control or attached panel so you can find the spray strength that’s right for you.
  6. Bidets have a built-in seat sensor that recognizes when the seat is occupied. This acts as a safety feature, preventing water from being shot outside the bowl if someone presses a wash button but the seat is not occupied. It also helps conserve energy consumption as a bidet will go into a low-power mode when it is not in use.
  7. Bidets have an adjustable nozzle position. These adjustable nozzles can be moved more forward or farther back to better suit your body and position. You can change the nozzle position via your remote or attached control panel, depending on the make of your system. Some bidets also include an oscillating function that moves the nozzle back and forth during the wash cycle so you can clean a greater area than with a stationary nozzle.

  8. Bidet seats are designed for do-it-yourself installation. Most people can quickly and easily install their seat within about 30 minutes. With no additional plumbing, minimal parts, and clear instructions, setting up your bidet is a simple chore that is well worth the effort and won’t require the cost of hiring a plumber.

  9. A heated seat! How many times have you hesitated before sitting down in the cold months of winter? With a bidet, you can be greeted with a warm, comfortable seat every time. The heated seat feature has adjustable temperature settings and can also be turned off.
  10. Bidets can drastically reduce your toilet paper use. Bidet seats can cut your TP consumption by up to 80%, and that saves trees and money. Over the life of a bidet seat, you can save enough in toilet paper cost for the bidet to pay for itself and then some!.

At bidetsPLUS, we believe that everyone should have a bidet seat, for the environment and yourself! North America is late to the bidet scene, but we are starting to discover how great these modern bathroom marvels can be.. Discover for yourself what people are learning about bidet seats by visiting today!