The Eco-Friendly Nature of a Bidet Seat

Despite not having the largest population, Americans consume more toilet paper than any other country in the world. And it’s not just sheer volume - we are also at the top of the list when measured per person. Unfortunately, this is not a category where you celebrate ranking first when you look at the resources needed to sustain that level of usage. It takes over 9 million trees for America to wipe. Every single year. On a planet that is already hemorrhaging natural resources, it is time to stop flushing them down the toilet at such an excessive rate. But how do we stop using an everyday essential? Find a better solution.

Cut Your TP Use

Did you know that an alternative to toilet paper already exists? It’s called a bidet, and while these products are revolutionary, they’re far from new. Modern bidets have gone through some drastic changes over the past few decades, though the bidet in one form or another has been around for centuries. By spraying a stream of pressurized water, bidets allow users to effortlessly cleanse themselves after going to the bathroom. Our bidet seats fit right on top of your toilet bowl, replacing your existing toilet seat and tapping into the water supply behind your toilet. This simple installation can be done within about 30 minutes and requires no additional plumbing. While there are non-electric models available, our most popular models require an outlet to plug it in. These modern electric bidet seats include features like a built-in water heater which lets you adjust the temperature while enjoying a warm water wash. Other features include a warm air dryer, adjustable water pressure and spray position, automatic air deodorization, and heated toilet seat. Some even have a night light and an automatic opening and closing lid.

What is The Return on Bidets?

With a bidet seat, toilet paper is mostly used for drying purposes to help with leftover moisture after washing, and your toilet paper waste can be reduced by 75% or more. Because a gentle dab is all that’s required, your toilet paper consumption will drastically lower. To go totally paperless, you can choose a bidet with a built-in air dryer to take care of any residual moisture after washing. Just keep in mind that it will take a couple minutes for the air dryer to get you completely dry. All of this toilet paper saved does more than help the environment, though. By cutting down on toilet paper in your home, your family can save hundreds of dollars, not to mention all of the emergency TP trips to the store!

Check out our
bidetsPLUS Infographic to learn more about the beneficial impact bidet seats have on our environment. Not only is using water cleaner and more hygienic than using dry paper, it’s also environmentally friendlier and can save you money in the long run!