How To Customize Your Bidet Seat

Modern bidet toilet seats are chock full of outstanding features, but the most important one may be the adjustable settings on all of these features. When taking a shower, you can choose things like a hotter or cooler temperature, or a gentle spray or stronger spray depending on your personal preference. In a similar way, by giving users the ability to adjust their wash settings, bidets can offer a comfortable, thorough cleanse for any body type. Below, we will talk about the adjustable features that a bidet offers, and how to use them for your optimal cleaning experience:

Adjustable Spray Nozzles

The nozzles on almost all bidet seats are adjustable and can extend or retract for the most effective spray position for each user. Most bidet seats have 4 or 5 different nozzle position settings, adjusting by about half an inch each time so you can find the nozzle position that feels right for you. Some models have an additional oscillating wash feature that moves the nozzle back and forth across the range of nozzle positions during the wash cycle, thereby covering a broader area for cleaning.

Set Your Water Temperature

While there may be a few people out there who prefer them, most of us physically recoil from a cold shower. The same holds true for washing with a bidet. Luckily, modern bidet seats have a built-in water heater so you can set your water temperature to a comfortable setting. These settings range between room temperature and about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. And if you happen to be a cold shower fan, you can also choose to turn off the water heater.

Personalized Water Pressure

You can also alter the water pressure coming out of the wash nozzles based on your own comfort level. Some people prefer a stronger, more intense spray, while others enjoy a soft, gentle cleanse, and either way, bidets have you covered. Use the remote control or side panel to set your personal preferences for the spray strength that works best for you.

Air Dryer

In addition to a variety of washing functions, several bidet seats also come equipped with a built-in warm air dryer. You can adjust the air temperature settings for the dryer similar to how you can adjust the water temperature. While most air dryers have a single set fan strength, there are some that allow you to adjust the fan strength. By using the air dryer after washing, you can further reduce the amount of toilet paper consumed by using a bidet.

All of these settings are easy to adjust using the remote control or attached control panel. By trying out the various settings for each feature, you’ll be able to find the settings that fit you best.

At bidetsPLUS, we are focused on spreading the benefits that these modern seats have to offer, and hope you are now more familiar with all they can do. Bidet seats are a more pleasant and more hygienic way to use the bathroom, and they dramatically reduce your toilet paper waste. To learn more about bidet toilet seats and attachments, visit us at