Do Bidet Toilet Seats Pay For Themselves?

If you have ever been through the home buying/selling process, you know that all of the small upgrades and additional amenities make a huge difference to buyers. That is why bathrooms are one of the most commonly enhanced rooms, and bidets are one of the hottest upgrades you can purchase. As more people catch onto the benefits and luxurious features, bidet seats have become an exciting perk. Besides the enhancement to curb appeal, bidets offer savings from the beginning, since you will be cutting down on toilet paper dramatically. You might say it’s the renovation project that pays for itself, and unlike most upgrades, you can finish in under 30 minutes!

Regardless of your renovation plans, bidets are a great way to save money. Obviously, you will consume less paper using a bidet seat, but did you know that a bidet seat can reduce the use of toilet paper by as much as 75% or more? With many bidet seats equipped with warm air dryers you can really cut down on toilet paper since it is often only used as a method to dry off residual moisture after washing. If you look at what you spend purchasing toilet paper each year, how long would it take to balance the cost of a new bidet seat? With the average bidet lasting seven years or longer, the savings from cutting back on TP will be enough to pay for itself and then some for the average household. America is still in the early stages of catching onto the bidet trend, but it may not be long before there is a bidet toilet seat in every home and office!

In addition to the savings you’ll see form cutting back on toilet paper usage, a bidet seat can help save money in other ways, too. How many times have you had to call a plumber due to backed-up toilets or septic problems? These problems often stem from an overabundance of toilet paper or, worse yet wet wipes that do not degrade very well. Because bidets use a stream of water in place of paper and wipes, users experience far fewer clogging issues. Put the plunger away and save on plumbing expenses when you switch to a bidet.

Installing a bidet toilet seat is a great long-term investment and can save you tons, but the true reason why so many people are upgrading their bathrooms is for the health and hygiene benefits that come from cleansing with water. By utilizing a bidet's gentle wash, you eliminate residual paper, bacteria, and other contaminants that can be left behind by toilet paper. Aside from being cleaner, these systems are far more comfortable and come with amenities that will change your restroom visits. Features like a heated seat, auto opening/closing lid, self-sanitizing nozzles, and even massaging functions make using a bidet seat far better than wiping.

If you are still apprehensive about purchasing your own bidet toilet seat, you can try one of our select high end models covered by our 30 Day Risk-Free Trial. Whether you are remodeling your home, looking to save money, trying to be more environmentally friendly, or simply looking to upgrade your bathroom experiences, it's time to make the switch to a bidet seat. Visit bidetsPLUS to shop our extensive selection of bidet seats and save today!