Looking For The Best Luxury Bidet Seat? TOTO Has You Covered

If you want the most advanced, functional seat for your bathroom, look no further than TOTO's S550e washlet. Superior quality, performance, and a plethora of features make this toilet seat a remarkable addition to any restroom. For anyone who desires the latest and greatest technology, there’s no substitute for the S550e.

The Electric Bidet Seat Of Your Dreams

The TOTO S550e washlet improves virtually every aspect of using the toilet, from hygiene and cleanliness to the odor and cleaning of your toilet bowl. The S550e can transform any old toilet into a modern marvel. Take a look at some of the high-end features boasted by this bidet seat:

Standard Features:

Adjustable Nozzle Positions

Most bidet seats offer adjustable nozzles, but this is an important feature for accurate, thorough cleaning. This bidet offers various adjustable wash settings for ultimate performance and washing power.

Endless Warm Water

Heating water is a basic function for any electronic bidet seat, but the S550e does the job exceptionally. The seat quickly delivers hot water, set to your desired water temperature preference. A tankless water heater delivers endless warm water without taking up exterior space.

Rear & Front Wash

Every TOTO washlet has front and rear wash capabilities to meet every user's needs, but the S550e goes far beyond basic. This bidet seat is here to improve your bathroom experience, from spray width and spray pressure to the oscillating wash feature for the best cleaning you can get.

Extra Features:

Wireless Remote Control

TOTO utilizes a wireless remote control to operate the S550e washlet. The remote control allows users to effortlessly change between user presets, adjust their wash settings, initiate the air dry function, and more without having to turn, twist, or bend like with an attached control panel.

Heated Seat

Many electronic bidet seat models are equipped with a heated seat, but the TOTO S550e lets users program their preferred temperature to always achieve the best comfort throughout the seasons.

Warm Air Dryer

The warm air dryer is ideal for those who want to use even less toilet paper because it eliminates the need to dry or "polish" after using your electric bidet. This is very helpful for people with limited manual dexterity or mobility who have trouble reaching behind.

E-Water Misting

With advanced technology, the S550e can self-sterilize the toilet bowl and nozzles, reducing odors and helping users keep a cleaner bathroom. Electrolyzed water kills germs and bacteria to create a more sterile environment.

Night Light

The nifty night light feature allows users to see where they are going after hours. The bidet toilet seat uses a body sensor to activate upon the user's approach, improving aim and helping people find the toilet at night.

Automatic Seat and Lid

If you're tired of having the toilet seat left up, it's time to upgrade and have the S550e do it for you. Body sensors let this electric bidet automatically open and close for a hand’s free experience.


Everyone could use a better-smelling bathroom, and the S550e makes that possible. Carbon filters absorb odor before it's released into the bathroom, mitigating unpleasant smells.

Design Options

You know that you're looking at a luxurious toilet seat when it comes in multiple styles and color choices to accent your bathroom perfectly. The S550e's various style options let users choose between beige and white color as well as a choice of the classic or contemporary lid style.

Cutting Edge Technology

The TOTO S550e has so many features it's hard to summarize them all! You may spend a little extra money for one of the best bidets of 2023, but other units wouldn't be the same. For those looking for the ultimate luxury bidet toilet seat, there's no competition to the TOTO S550e washlet. If you’re not convinced yet, check out BidetsPlus’ official S550e review and learn more.

How Do I Install The TOTO S550e?

Like most bidet seats, the TOTO washlet can be installed in approximately thirty minutes with minimal tools or experience. The included manual provides straightforward instructions to install the bidet seat, or you can use our S550e installation guide for more assistance. With little time or effort, most homeowners can equip their electric bidet and start saving toilet paper!
Before installing, it's important to note that an electric bidet requires you to have an electrical outlet within approximately three feet of the toilet. Providing power to the bidet toilet seat will allow users to operate functions like the heated seat, warm air dryer, and warm water. While extension cords may be used in some cases, users should attempt to plug the toilet seat directly into an outlet for safety.
Also note the shape of your toilet seat. While the TOTO S550e fits most North American toilets, it's important to find out whether you have an elongated or round toilet bowl since the S550e in an elongated size only bidet seat. If you aren’t sure of your toilet size, you can measure your toilet bowl to confirm the size. Most round toilets will measure between 16 and 17 inches from the seat mounting holes to the front edge of the bowl, while elongated fixtures will be 18-19 inches long.

How Much Does The S550e Cost?

This TOTO S550e washlet is one of the most expensive bidet seat options available, but it's also the most functional and well-designed luxury bidet toilet seat on the market. The highest-quality components and refined ingenuity deliver the perfect wash every time. Shop for the TOTO S550e and explore warranty information, pricing, and additional details before purchasing.

Are There Bidet Seats With Similar Features?

Other bidets offer various features and functions, making them viable choices for the modern bathroom. However, there is no competition when it comes to the ultimate luxury bidet toilet seat. The S550e's advanced technology provides an unmatched bathroom experience. From the self-cleaning nozzle and toilet bowl sterilization to programmable user settings and endless warm water, this washlet never disappoints. To compare the S550e with other top bidets, take a look at our bidet seat comparison chart. The comparison chart outlines the five most popular bidet toilet seat models today, along with their features, functions, and specifications.

Do Luxury Bidets Clean Your Toilet Bowl?

While it's a rare amenity, certain luxury bidet toilet seat models can provide pre-rinsing, periodic bowl misting, and post-wash toilet bowl cleanses to enhance the cleanliness of your bathroom. With e-water technology, the latest TOTO washlet can sterilize the toilet bowl efficiently and without manual cleaning. By using chemicals that are naturally found in tap water, the S550e creates alkaline and acidic solutions, which work in unison to break down grime, sterilize germs, and mitigate bacteria. While the toilet seat will reduce your maintenance intervals, cleaning your bathroom periodically is still important.

Are Bidet Attachments The Same As A Bidet Toilet Seat?

Users will find similarities between the basic functions of a bidet attachment and toilet seat, such as adjustable nozzle positions and water pressure, but their function typically stops there. Most features you would find with a bidet toilet seat, like warm air dryer, heated seat, and instant hot water, are unavailable with the limited features of bidet attachments..
The end goal of a bidet is to use less toilet paper, which can still be accomplished with bidet attachments, regardless of comfortability. While a bidet toilet seat offers more comfort, features, and functionality, a bidet attachment can be an inexpensive entry-point for new bidet users.