The Power Of E-Water Technology

Electrolyzed water is nothing new; it was actually discovered in the 1700s! In more recent history, scientists have found that e-water has exceptional cleaning properties, offering toxin-free sterilization. Today, this cleaning solution can be found in some of the most sensitive environments, including labs, food preparation facilities, and hospitals.

What Is E-Water?

E-water, also known as Electrolyzed Water, is an advanced cleaning technology that uses electrolysis to produce two types of water: a disinfecting alkaline solution (high pH) and an acidic sanitizing solution (low pH). The high-pH solution can be used for routine cleaning and sanitation, while the low-pH solution kills bacteria and viruses that have attached to surfaces.
This advanced cleaning technology has been proven to be more effective than traditional cleaning methods because it uses both solutions to break down dirt, debris, and germs more quickly and efficiently. With the combination of these two powerful cleaning solutions, cleaning is simplified.
The electrolysis process creates water with a higher concentration of ionic particles and oxygen molecules which helps it penetrate surfaces more effectively than regular tap water. The high-pH solution is made up of sodium hydroxide, which acts as a buffer to help neutralize oil, grease, and other organic compounds. The low-pH solution contains hypochlorous acid, a substance powerful enough to destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores without damaging surfaces.

E-Water Uses

E-water can be used in various ways, from general surface cleaning around the home to disinfecting healthcare facilities and food-handling facilities. Because of its non-toxic properties, e-water is also safe on food contact surfaces like countertops and cutting boards in restaurants or preparation areas, providing a safer alternative to harsh cleaners.
E-water has been tested extensively by independent laboratories all over the world, which have found the process to be highly effective against a wide range of microorganisms like MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium DT104 (Salmonella Typhimurium DT104), C.difficile 0157:H7(Clostridium Difficile), and Influenza Type A/H1N1 Virus, among many others.
Overall, e-water provides quick action against microbes without risk of secondary contamination due to its non-toxic nature, making it ideal for cleaning environments where safety is essential such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. It can also save time since no rinsing or drying is required after application, making it one of the most efficient hygiene solutions available today.

Bidets With E-Water

Advanced bidet seats, like the TOTO S550e Washlet, are now using e-water technology to improve cleanliness and sanitation in the bathroom. With e-water, bidets can do their job of washing the user while using e-water to disinfect and clean the nozzle and bowl for a more sanitary toilet.
E-water works by sending an electrical current through two electrodes, generating chlorine dioxide ions and hypochlorous acid - both of which are powerful disinfectants that can kill bacteria and viruses on contact. These solutions are highly effective when breaking down organics, oils, dirt and debris on surfaces like the inside of the bidet bowl.
Bidets that use e-water also have adjustable settings so users can control how often the electrolyzed water cycle is initiated. This means they can customize their experience to suit their needs. Additionally, e-water contains oxygen molecules which help the solutions penetrate surfaces more effectively to dissolve even the most stubborn grime.

How Bidets Make Electrolyzed Water

Certain bidet manufacturers, like TOTO, use a small electrical current to initiate the chemical reaction that creates electrolyzed water. This process reacts with chemicals in tap water to create NaOCl (sodium hypochlorite), enhancing the bidet’s cleaning power substantially.

The S550e's E-Water Process

TOTO is a long-standing name in the bidet industry, with unmatched technology and advancements that create cleaner, more functional toilets. They were also one of the first manufacturers to imagine the use of e-water in the bathroom, equipping their latest model with the feature to enhance user experiences.
Their latest model, the S550e Washlet, is an excellent example of how they efficiently use e-water sterilization. When the user approaches their toilet, the S550e releases a pre-mist of electrolyzed water to mitigate residual matter. Upon dismounting, the seat emits another mist to thoroughly sterilize the bowl. The bidet seat automatically repeats this process every eight hours the system is on standby, so toilets receive a regular mist to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Is electrolyzed water skin-safe?

E-water, or electrolyzed water, is natural, non-toxic, and safe to use. Because it’s such a great, ingestion-safe substance, people use e-water to treat water supplies, clean food preparation areas, and sterilize hospitals. In a literal sense, it’s safe enough to drink, wash with, and prepare food on.
Using electrolyzed water reduces the amount of harmful chemicals in your home, replacing toxic substances with a completely natural, effective cleaning solution.

Better For The Environment

Can you imagine pouring harsh cleaners into the toilet every day, adding to the horrendous chemical pollution issues today? People do so every day, and various products make it highly convenient. These cleaning products may keep your toilet bowl sparkling clean, but so will electrolyzed water.
In fact, e-water has been proven to offer a deeper, more thorough cleanse than bleach and other household cleaners. It costs nothing because your bidet toilet seat does all the work, including making the cleaner, and the solution is environmentally-friendly.

Using E-Water In The Bathroom

Overall, e-water provides a more profound cleaning experience without any risk of secondary contamination due to its non-toxic nature. This allows for use in delicate areas, like food preparation, laboratories, and even your bathroom. It's becoming an increasingly popular choice among those who want improved sterilization and sanitizing function from their bidet as well as those who value environmental sustainability since there’s no need for extra water or chemical cleaners being used.
Shop bidets with e-water technology to reduce chemical usage in your bathroom while improving hygiene and cleanliness.