Most Impressive Bidet Toilet Seat In 2023: The TOTO S550e

There are numerous innovative spray systems on the market today, but which one is the best? We have picked our candidate for the most impressive bidet toilet seat available in 2023 based on looks, performance and functionality. Let’s take a look at some of the best bidet seats you can find today!

A Throne Among Toilet Seats

The TOTO S550e Washlet is an ultra-slim, modern design that looks sharp in any bathroom. Whereas some models can get a bit bulky, the latest TOTO Washlet is ergonomic and sleek. Its newly-redesigned lid comes in two styles-contemporary and classic. The contemporary lid is completely sleek, whereas the classic TOTO washlet has a beveled edge like their old models.
The color choices are a bonus with the S550e available in either cotton white or, for a little extra money, sedona beige. But the wireless remote control will quickly become essential. You can mount the remote control anywhere you want to manage your wash settings effortlessly. From a glance, this TOTO Washlet is a marvel, but it’s the features that really set this bidet seat apart from others.

Bidet Seat Features

Regarding luxurious and technologically advanced features, nothing compares to the TOTO S550e Washlet. As the latest model in the TOTO bidet seat lineup, this washlet has every feature imaginable. Everything is adjustable, too, from the water temperature to the spray width (which is an uncommon attribute). This bidet seat packs in all the features associated with luxury-class bidets and more, making it the most dynamic bidet toilet seat on the market.

Skipping The Basics

TOTO has spent years perfecting their bidet seats, starting with the basic functions you would expect to find with any washlet. This includes a rear wash, feminine wash, and nozzle adjustments. With some of the best all around nozzle functions offered in 2023, you could say the TOTO S550e wins here, too.
Take a look at some of the TOTO S550e's remarkable attributes:

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable spray width
  • Nozzle sterilization
  • Automatic open/close lid
  • E-water technology
  • Toilet bowl misting
  • User presets

Adjustable Spray Width & Angle

This bidet seat is fully-adjustable, down to the spray width. This lets users find the ideal angle with the position adjustment as well as the best spray width, for the most accurate and comfortable wash.

E-water Technology

The TOTO Washlet S550e is one of the few bidets on the market offering e-water sterilization. The same sterilization process used in restaurants, labs, and bacteria-sensitive environments is applied in your home to keep a more hygienic toilet bowl.

Nozzle Sterilization

Previously mentioned e-water sterilization is utilized to cleanse the bidet seat nozzles to more effectively remove bacteria and germs.

Toilet Bowl Misting

TOTO includes a pre-wash mist to reduce toilet bowl cleaning, which rinses the bowl with electrolyzed water. This prevents build-up to keep the surface of the toilet bowl clean.

Night Light

Some may consider the built-in night light unnecessary, but most users appreciate it. There is great value in seeing where you're going (and aiming) in the late-night hours.

Spray Pressure

The TOTO S550e Washlet offers an impressive .08-.11 gallons per minute, up to 29 PSI. While this may not be the strongest cleaning pressure available, it's more than sufficient for any rear wash or feminine wash for most any user.

Save Preferred Settings

Once the ideal spray nozzle placement, water temperature, and other settings are found, users can program them into the remote control. With two user presets, there won't be any fighting over spray settings!

Heated Seat

Like other bidet seats, the TOTO washlet comes with a heated seat. The seat temperature is completely adjustable, allowing users to find the most comfortable temperature year-round.

Air Purification

This bidet seat is equipped with an automatic air purification system or air deodorizer. The deodorizer function uses a carbon filter to reduce foul smells from the toilet bowl area.

Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control offered with the TOTO S550e mounts to any surface in the bathroom to enable easy access and convenient operation.

Warm Air Dryer

You need an efficient drying system to completely rid your bathroom of toilet paper. The TOTO Washlet S550e boasts a warm air dryer with five temperatures, so you're always comfortably dry. The greatest advantage of a warm air dryer is improved hygiene, which comes from removing toilet paper from your regimen.

Automatic Lid

This electronic luxury seat has sensors that control your lid’s automatic opening and closing. The seat detects when you are approaching and exiting, so it’s never left in the wrong position. The seat itself can also be raised and lowered through the remote control. This is a perk for those who don't care to touch the toilet seat.

Bidet Seat Setup

While the TOTO S550e Washlet may be more advanced than other bidet seats, installation is simple. Using the installation hardware included and the instruction manual, most users can complete setup in under 30 minutes. To install TOTO washlets, you will need an outlet that can be reached with the power cord (approximately 4 feet in length). The only other requirements are an incoming water supply and knowing what type of seat you have (elongated or round).
Because of the tankless heater, users have instantaneous water heating without tapping into a warm water supply hose. This provides adjustable water temperature immediately and without constant power use. Tankless heaters also provide unlimited warm water, so there won't be any uncomfortable surprises with the TOTO S550e.

For Those Who Want The Best

The latest TOTO washlet is for bidet users who want nothing less than a top-of-the-line bidet seat. While you may not require an LED night light, instantaneous water heating, an automatic lid, or electrolyzed water cleansing, these features will surely improve your experience. Order the TOTO S550e today, or look at the bidet seat comparison chart to see how it stacks up to the competition.
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