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bidet toilet combo

Bidet Toilet Combo Recommendations

Rather than getting a stand-alone bidet, there are several advantages of installing a bidet seat onto your existing toilet.  One obvious advantage of this "bidet toilet combo" is that you don't need additional space in your bathroom to accommodate an additional fixture next to the toilet.  Installing a bidet seat right on top of your existing toilet is a super-convenient way to quickly add bidet functionality to your bathroom.  Even better - they don't require any additional plumbing.  A traditional stand-alone bidet requires separate drainage, and separate hot/cold water lines, which can cost thousands of dollars to install.  But with an attachable bidet seat, you simply tap into the existing water supply that's already behind your toilet.  Since a water heater is built into the seat, a separate hot water line is not necessary.  And you don't need another drainage line since everything just drains into the toilet.  It really is the best of both worlds.

We have several bidet models which will convert your toilet, into a bidet toilet combination.  We have helped thousands of people just like you create a bidet toilet that works for them.  Below are our some of our top recommendations.

Bio Bidet BB 2000

As one of our best sellers, the Bio Bidet BB-2000 has proven to create one of the best bidet toilet combos available.  It's also a nice aesthetic choice; this is the unit shown mounted on the toilet at the top of this page.  Equipped with both posterior and feminine wash functions, one of the principal advantages of this seat over others - is the enhanced water volume this unit puts out.  Simply put, more water output translates to a more thorough and efficient cleaning.  In addition to superior water volume, this unit also features an oscillating cleanse which extends the cleaning area.  Spray position, water temperature, and water pressure are all adjustable.  This unit even comes with a handy night light and a heated toilet seat which is heavenly in the cold mornings.  When combined with Bio Bidet's outstanding three year, 100% warranty - you'll have a great, long-lasting and durable unit your family will enjoy for years to come.

Brondell Swash 1400

After a successful run with the Swash 800 and Swash 1000 series models, the 3rd generation Brondell Swash 1400 is a modern seat which utilizes a unique, twin nozzle washing system.  While both nozzles are made of stainless steel, one nozzle is dedicated for posterior wash, while the other nozzle is dedicated for feminine wash.  You'll also have control of the typical adjustment features found in a seat of this class, such as spray position, water temperature and water pressure.  The heated toilet seat is also included and the night light illuminates the entire toilet bowl.  One feature on the Swash 1400 that gets a lot of rave, is the sit-able lid.  Other bidet seats have a lid which acts more like a cover, and can't handle your body weight.  But you'll find a sturdy lid on this model, which is ideal if you have a smaller bathroom and want to sit on your closed toilet.

TOTO S550e

TOTO is one of the most recognized toilet brands in the world.  Couple your existing toilet with the TOTO S550e and you'll have one of the finest bidet toilet combos money can buy.  With the high-end TOTO washlet, you'll enjoy all of the aforementioned features found on the Bio Bidet BB 2000 and Brondell Swash 1400.  In addition - a unique feature you'll get with the TOTO S550e, is the automatic open/close lid which uses has a body sensor to detect when you're approaching the toilet, and opens the lid for you.  Walk away, and the lid automatically closes too.  There's also the eWater feature which mists your toilet bowl with eWater, or electrolyzed water, before you use the toilet.  This eWater function has a sanitary effect, which minimizes the need for scrubbing your toilet with harsh chemicals.  This cool feature does keep your toilet looking a bit whiter and cleaner.

Any one of the bidets above will do a great job in converting your toilet into a bidet toilet combo.  Your specific choice will largely come down to price, and the nuanced differences in feature set.  Here's a brief comparison chart below to help illustrate the key differences across these models.

Bidet Toilet Combo Comparison Chart

Bio Bidet Brondell TOTO
BB 2000 SW 1400 TO S550E
Wireless Remote
Adjustable Water Temp.
Adjustable Water Pressure
Adjustable Spray Position
Wash Features
Posterior Wash
Feminine Wash
Oscillating Cleanse
Water Pulse Cleanse  
Turbo (enema) Wash    

Maximum Water Volume

(liters per minute)

0.7 0.5 0.5
Bio Bidet Brondell TOTO
BB 2000 SW 1400 TO S550E
Other Features
Warmed Toilet Seat
Warm Air Dry
Night Light
Stainless Steel Nozzles  
A Lid You Can Sit On    
User Presets  
Automatic Open/Close Lid    
Warranty (# of years) 3* 3* 1
*Extended Warranty Available

What is a Bidet Toilet Combo?

When you put a bidet seat on top of your existing toilet, the result is a "bidet toilet combo" which instantly adds bidet functionality to your toilet.  The main advantages of having a bidet toilet combo instead of having a tradtional stand-alone bidet are:

  • You don't need additional real estate in your bathroom.  A stand-alone bidet typically sits next to your toilet as a separate fixture.  Our units go right on top of your existing toilet, so no additional space is required.
  • No additional plumbing is required either.  A stand-alone bidet requires separate drainage and separate hot/cold water lines.  Our units come with a built in water heater, and simply tap into the existing cold water supply behind your toilet.  Drainage is simple - just flush!
  • You don't need to "transfer" yourself from the toilet to the bidet for washing.  With a bidet seat, you're already there!  Just hit the button on the remote control to begin cleansing.

The bidet seats you'll find in our store are high-tech toilet seats which convert your toilet from something that just flushes, to an advanced appliance with a host of modern features.  Check out the comparison chart above for a list of features your bidet seat will come with.

But Why Do I Need a Bidet?

Ah yes... the age old question - to bidet or not to bidet?  Well first, let us recognize that outside of the United States, bidets are more common than not.  You've probably encountered a bidet next to the toilet during your travels to Europe.  And no, they're not used to wash your feet!  Bidets are are also very common in the Middle East (where Muslims use bidets religiously) and in South America - like Brazil and Venezuela.  And in Asia, they are virtually everywhere - at airports, train stations, restaurants, hotels and in 80% of homes.  In South Korea and Japan though, you're most likely to see the modern electronic bidet seats like the ones we have in our store (vs. the porcelain bidets found in Europe).

So what does the rest of the world know, that Americans do not?  Well it really comes down to how we were taught as young children.  From a very young age, Americans are taught to use dry paper to clean themselves.  It's all we know, and what we've been conditioned to do.  In fact - we don't even think about it.  It's automatic behavior for us to reach for the toilet paper roll to wipe ourselves.

But when you're all sweaty from working out at the gym, would you just grab a bunch of paper towels and rub yourself dry?  Of course not!  That would be totally dumb.  You would still feel really dirty and sticky after doing that.  So here's what you do - get in the shower, and wash all that sweat and stickiness away with WATER.

And likewise - rubbing yourself with dry, abrasive paper is not how you should be cleaning the most sensitive parts of your body.  You should be washing yourself with WATER.  It's the best way to clean!

And that's really our story...  why bidetsPLUS was created in 2010, and why we're still here today almost a decade later.  To educate our visitors on this wonderful product that you'll use everyday.  It's an awareness issue, because once you have a bidet toilet seat combo right in your own home, you'll realize what you've been doing wrong your whole life.  So stop wiping and start washing!

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