Bidet Water Filters – What Are They, and Why Do You Need Them?

You may have noticed some of our bidet seats at bidetsPLUS offer a special promo coupon that includes two free bidet seat water filters with your purchase, but many of our customers are unaware of the purpose of this filter. Understanding and maintaining your bidet water filter can be an integral part of preserving the long-term health of your seat.

Internally, your bidet toilet seat has a series of hoses, water reservoirs, and supporting components that water flows through. As water is supplied to the bidet, unfiltered, it can deposit sediment, increase corrosion, and eventually damage your system if left unchecked. By utilizing a bidet water filter, you will reduce this buildup and prolong the life of your seat. This lets your nozzles, lines, and other parts of the bidet stay healthier for an extended period.

So should you use a water filter with your bidet seat? We generally recommend that you install a filter, as it can dramatically extend the life of your bidet seat. Of course, there are exceptions to this suggestion, like if your house is on a separate filtration system, where your entire home has a supply of filtered water. But since most people do not equip their whole house with a filtration system, we would say it is a good idea to use water filters with your new bidet toilet seat.

We recommend that your water filter is replaced every six months for the best possible results. Installing and replacing the filters is a simple process. The female end of the water filter is threaded to connect directly to the bidet seat T-connection used to split your water line. Simply screw the filter onto the T-connection, and the other male end of the filter is threaded to connect to the bidet seat hose. Changing the filter is as simple as unscrewing the old one and screwing on the new one. Just remember to turn off the water shut-off valve before changing filters.

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