Bidet Toilet Seat Filters

If you are someone who is used to using a basic toilet seat, the thought of a water filter being attached might sound weird, but for the individuals that use bidet toilet seats, it probably isn’t a second thought. These filters have been engineered through decades of research in the bidet toilet seat industry to give customers the best water filtration for their most sensitive areas. For advanced bidet toilet seats, water filters may be necessary to prevent damage to the internal plumbing of the bidet, including heating and wash functions. Leading manufacturers have begun to utilize filters in different ways, improving the functionality and longevity of modern bidet toilet seats.

There are several types of water filters that can be used on a bidet toilet seat, The most common types of filters that you will find for bidet toilet seats are carbon and iodine. All of these filters take a slightly different approach to water sanitation, allowing consumers to choose from a variety of water treatment options. Keep in mind however that some filters may have varying lifespans and price points.

Carbon filters are a basic water filtering method that has proven to be effective for years by filtering out solids and chlorine within a treated water supply. This can have huge benefits for extending the life of bidet spray nozzles and internal pieces, as well as improving the quality of the wash.

Iodine filters are designed similarly to carbon, with the key difference being the use of iodine to treat filtered water. After removing unwanted particles from a bidet toilet seat’s water supply, iodine filters add iodine in order to stop bacterial growth.

Bidet toilet seat filters usually assume a similar shape and size, due to the fact that many brands strive for a universal fit. While the filter design is a concern for some, water supply filters are generally discreetly placed and primarily use white to match the accompanying toilet. Along with the quality of treated water and the appearance of the filter, Price is usually a deciding factor when researching a new go to. Since bidet water filters should be replaced often to avoid being counterproductive with your intentions, price can add up over time. Many manufacturers of high quality bidet water filters will sell them in packs, letting customers save versus buying in singles.

Some bidet toilet seats purchased from bidetsPLUS come with two carbon water filters, depending on the promotion running at the time of purchase.  These filters are easy to install and have proven to assist with water quality as well as slowing the wear on bidets. These carbon filters are attached between a toilet’s water supply line and the bidet seat for the cleanest and most comfortable wash. Many manufacturers will also include any filters that are required for the complete bidet operation. Usually if the filters that are sent have to be replaced, it can be done easily by the customer, avoiding the inconvenience of enlisting professional help. With the overwhelming majority of filters designed to universally support bidet systems, finding the perfect water treatment filter for your bidet is more transparent than you might think.

Bidet filters are all devoted to serving one purpose, which is to provide customers with a pleasant and clean bathroom experience without damaging their bidet system. While similar, these filters use different methods to purify the supplied water. Trying the supplied filters from manufacturers and resellers can give better understanding to the importance and preferences of water filters before buying aftermarket products.