Modernizing a Bathroom with a Bidet

Bathroom remodels are daunting for most, but the final result is always worth it. At the end of your project, you're left with a fresh, rejuvenated space! A new sink (maybe some double sinks), updated bathtub, re-tiled shower, improved plumbing, floor revisions, and more! Out of all the updates and upgrades available to bathrooms, few are more exciting than a bidet.

Take Your Bathroom Into 2022 With A Bidet Toilet Seat

If you need convincing, stay tuned. Modern bidets are packed with benefits that you may have never thought about.

Easy Installation

You don't need a plumber to install a bidet toilet seat or even any special tools. Your seat can be installed in about thirty minutes, making bidets one of the easiest bathroom upgrades to complete. With a few modifications and some hardware replacement, you're all set! Just be sure to follow the instructions to avoid injury or damage to the toilet seat.

Elegant Appearance

For those who remodel to achieve an aesthetic, the various bidet styles will be attractive. Most bidets come in a clean white color, though some models are available in a beige color for those with more off-white color tones in their bathroom. Choose between various models with different styles to find the best look for your bathroom.

The Best Upgrade Is Ditching The Toilet Paper

While your fancy new seat's appearance may add to the bathroom remodel, there are much bigger benefits to switching from toilet paper.

Extra Space

Installing a washlet frees up all the space currently used by toilet paper. That storage cabinet that is solely used for TP? Consider it useful again. Add a bidet to your bathroom, and you can say goodbye to all the lingering paper.

Environmentally Friendly

Multiply the daily amount of toilet paper used by your household by a week, month, or year, and we have an issue. Toilet paper costs trees, and that's something our planet can't afford. Installing a bidet seat helps the environment as much as it helps your nether regions. Many Americans have turned to recycled toilet paper, but waste is waste.

Save Money

Toilet paper is expensive, especially in 2022. Utilizing a bidet in your home will drastically cut down toilet paper resupplies and offer extended savings that surpass the bidet's cost. While you will need to add the initial cost of a bidet to your bathroom remodeling budget, the return on this investment is well worth it over time.

Improve Health

It's impossible to discuss bidets without mentioning the health benefits, like minimizing urinary tract infections or receiving a much better clean than with wiping. Many infections and "going" related health issues can be improved by adding a bidet to your bathroom remodel.

Add A Bidet To Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Nothing is more modern or "with the times" than bidet toilet seats. Use your bathroom remodel to toss the toilet paper altogether, and you'll never look back. Not only do these fixtures save money, space, our planet, and your most sensitive areas, but you also get to enjoy additional features and functions. Here are some of our favorite bidet toilet seat features that are commonly found in modern systems:

Heated Seats

Imagine ridding your winter mornings of cold toilet seats for good. With a bidet's heated seat, you'll never subject yourself to that chilling experience again. Many bidets, like the Toto Washlet or Brondell Swash, provide luxuriously heated seats with customizable temperature levels.

Warm Water Wash

A cold burst makes for a refreshing wake-up call, but it's not for everyone. Many modern bidet toilet seats offer tankless water heating, so you receive warm water on command. Even some simple non-electric bidet systems can achieve this feature with some additional plumbing.

Comprehensive Remote Control

What's better than never having to turn around and wipe? Being able to control the entire experience without moving an inch. Several bidet toilet seats allow users to access all of the features offered by the bidet through the wireless remote control.

Warm Air Dry

Remove toilet paper altogether with a bidet toilet seat that offers warm air drying. This feature generates a warm rush of air to dry your nether regions so you can enjoy a paper-free experience after the wash.

How Much Does A Bidet Cost?

During an expensive bathroom remodeling process, the last thing you want is to break the bank on a toilet seat. Thankfully, there are bidet toilet seats for every budget, starting as low as around $50 for a basic non-electric attachment. For those who want the latest and greatest, models like the S550e Washlet from Toto cost over $1,000 but do almost everything but "go" for you. No matter what your budget is, there is a bidet that fits your remodel. Just be sure to consider the following:

A Bidet Seat Is Used Daily

For some appliances, skimping is no issue because they are stored most of the time. Your toilet is used every day, however, so it's important to ensure that you enjoy your bidet toilet seat. When calculating your bathroom remodel budget, compare models and find what's best for your family.

Bidet Toilet Seats Last For Years

Your bidet will be part of the bathroom for years, especially if you opt for a quality system. With minimal maintenance and basic care, your system could last almost a decade! That said, you have plenty of time to recover your investment while you skip the TP aisle.

Many Decide To Upgrade Systems

Many Americans who finally experience a bidet quickly want to upgrade when they settle for a basic model. Explore various models and find a system that offers a bit more to prevent yourself from having buyer's remorse.

It's Time For Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are centers for activity, and bidets will quickly become essential to your house. Adding one of these high-quality models to your bathroom will not be something you'll regret, especially if you are already remodeling the bathroom. Benefit the environment, save money in the long run, and improve your bathroom experiences with a bidet.