Can We Use Bidets To Clean A Bathroom?

Bidets are one of the best inventions ever, but is asking one to clean your bathroom too much? Let's find out what a bidet offers regarding restroom cleanliness!

Using A Bidet Properly

Parts of Europe, South America, and Asia have used bidets in some form for centuries, but in North America, the concept is still a bit foreign. Because of this unfamiliarity, people have formed some misconceptions. The first is that you can use a bidet to clean the bathroom. While they do wash your sensitive areas effectively, bidets lose their cleaning functionality beyond the toilet.

A bidet sprays water in an accurate stream to cleanse fecal matter and other particles, not bathroom fixtures. The water pressure gently cleanses users, whereas toilet paper may cause rashes, scrapes, or even infection. The difference in effectiveness is because your bidet toilet seat or attachment is intended to spray precisely each time with fixed nozzles, providing a consistent toileting experience. Each nozzle is adjustable, which helps users find the ideal cleansing angle, but you're likely to make a mess if you attempt to use the nozzles to clean anything in the bathroom besides yourself!

A Bidet Toilet Seat That Helps Sanitize

While we have learned that you can't use a bidet to clean a bathroom, there is a bidet seat that can help keep your toilet sanitary. The
TOTO S550e Washlet does everything, including auto open and close lid, deodorization, and a self-cleaning toilet bowl. In addition to the typical amenities you would expect with an electric bidet seat, such as adjustable water temperature, nozzle control, and a heated toilet seat, this bidet has some advanced features. Some attractions that set TOTO's S550e apart are the convenient remote control panel, odor-eliminating filter, and ionized water pre-misting/cleanse.

The ionized water neutralizes germs and bacteria with the same process utilized by food processors, restaurants, and other professional industries. In an electrolysis process, ionized water carries a low current through the sprayed surface, attracting up to 99% of germs and bacteria. The S550e offers a pre-rinse that disperses ionized water throughout the toilet bowl, reducing clean-up. After you are finished, use the spray again to sanitize your toilet bowl, and worry about one less thing in the restroom. These advanced features help keep a cleaner toilet (and bathroom) with less effort spent.

Bidets Are A Cleaner Option Than Toilet Paper

While you cannot clean your bathroom using a bidet, bidet use leads to a cleaner bathroom. For several reasons, using a bidet can reduce the germs and bacteria in your restroom and on you.

Less Handling

There is no denying wiping is gross. Nobody wants to reach down and take care of business, so why keep subjecting yourself to it? Bidets provide an easy-to-operate control panel, remote control, or both. This gives users instant washing power without any fecal matter. The only reason to use toilet paper is to dry afterward, which can be taken care of with a warm air dryer.

A warm air dryer is a feature that comes in handy after using a bidet, replacing dry toilet paper. A warm jet of air efficiently dries users after a wash, removing the need to "pat dry." Whether or not your bidet has this feature, using less toilet paper is a good thing.

Better For Mobility Issues

A bidet is perfect for those who physically struggle to wipe. Instead of turning and struggling, users get a thorough wash at the press of a button. This improves hygiene for people with various conditions, from broken limbs to back injuries, paralysis, and obesity. Wiping isn't the best option for anyone, but an improper wipe could lead to poor hygiene or infection.

Improved Health & Hygiene

We've talked about the benefits of bidets for those with limited mobility, but everyone gets a better clean with a bidet wash. For the same reason we don't skip straight to paper towels when washing our hands, using a bidet is simply more hygienic. Clean water is accurately dispersed by a nozzle, removing matter and cleansing germs from the area.

Who Are Bidets For?

Warm water bidet toilets are ideal for virtually everyone with modern plumbing. In fact, they're arguably the most important plumbing fixture for nursing home residents, overweight individuals, and those with disabilities. After personalizing the nozzle settings and finding the best angle, anyone can achieve a more hygienic cleaning.

There is also a significant benefit for those with certain medical conditions, such as hemorrhoids, predisposition to bacterial infections, and high-risk pregnant women.

Bidets Beat Dry Toilet Paper

What's stopping you from finding your first bidet seat or bidet attachment? Today's systems have simple installation, are easy to use, and will change the game for you in the restroom. Plus, you will never worry about toilet paper shortages again. While they may not clean your bathroom, bidet attachments actually can help clean your toilet, among other features.

If you're ready for your first bidet toilet seat, use this
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