Health Benefits Of Using A Bidet

Going to the bathroom has always been a general health and hygiene concern, but with more people becoming conscientious of toilet paper's flaws, many individuals are seeking change. The best way to improve your toileting experience and achieve optimal health is with a bidet toilet seat.

Bidets have been commonly used in many cultures around the world, and with improved function and convenience, there's a reason bidets are attracting so much interest. The most important benefit offered by bidets is improved health.

Why Are Bidets Better For Your Health?

Most of us have been in a position where toilet paper didn't complete the mission, and it's an uncomfortable place to be. The problem is dry toilet paper collects most fecal matter but may not get the area clean on a residual level. If toilet paper scraps are left behind, so are germs and bacteria. This is especially prevalent for those with mobility issues and special needs as using the bathroom independently becomes more difficult.

Bidets use an accurate water stream for effective, gentle cleansing. The warm-water spray washes away bacteria and fecal matter for a spotless finish. If you don't think a bidet would benefit you, look at all the ways below they can help you achieve optimum health.

Better Personal Hygiene

People often worry about the cleanliness of the toilet seat they sit on, but rarely about what wiping leaves behind. Despite who you are or your wiping habits, bidets offer better cleaning. Washing provides a different level of clean, like showering versus wiping your hands off.

Avoid Excessive Wiping

The skin in your rectal area is highly sensitive, so why attack it with toilet paper? We all want impeccable anal hygiene, but sometimes, toilet tissue takes its toll. Excessive wiping may lead to tiny cuts in the skin, resulting in anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and other medical problems.

Ward Off Infections

The urinary tract and rectal area are delicate areas, which is why it's important to avoid toilet paper, especially if you are prone to infection. The most common are urinary tract infections, but individuals may also develop urogenital infections or yeast infections from improper toilet paper usage. Bidets cleanse away bacteria from these areas, limiting and even preventing these issues before they occur.

Relief From Wiping

For anyone who experiences difficulty with bowel movements, the wear and tear of chronic wiping can add up quickly, leaving the area raw and sensitive. A bidet doesn't create the same friction, so your sensitive areas remain undisturbed. This is extremely important for those with hemorrhoids, Crohn's disease, pregnant women, and others who frequently find themselves in the restroom.

Bidets Can Help Relieve Pressure

Certain bidet seat models have a built-in feature to help alleviate anorectal pressure and initiate a bowel movement. This kind of relief can be an incredible benefit for those suffering recurring constipation due to illness or medical issues. A bidet can do a lot more than just wash! Look for the "Enema" or "Turbo" function to ensure that your bidet toilet seat has this capability.

Assisting Mobility Issues

For those with limited mobility, properly cleaning is often difficult. Toilet paper requires flexibility and reach that some individuals lack, which can prevent a proper wipe. Installing a bidet seat gives these individuals a proper wash each time with little-to-no struggle. Because bidets are operated from a convenient control panel or remote control, users can adjust their temperature, pressure, and angle settings with ease. Nursing home residents, overweight individuals, and those with loss of motor function may find a dramatic improvement by using a bidet toilet seat.

Bidets Are Healthier Than Toilet Paper

Toilet paper has passed its prime, especially now that you can have an electronic toilet system like this in your home. Regardless of your chosen bidet system, you get to use less dry paper, and that's what matters. From personal hygiene to a reduced risk of infection, bidets are the best way to improve your toileting experience. Traditional bidets may have been impractical for the mass population, but times have changed, and electronic wash-and-dry bidet toilets are the future. Are you ready to find the ideal bidet seat for your home? If not, here are a few extra reasons to install a bidet.

Better For The Environment

You're not the only one who benefits from using a bidet; so does the environment. Hundreds of thousands of forest acres are stripped each year to fuel our paper demand, which has serious consequences. Using a bidet allows for less toilet paper consumption, and it matters. While you may not save the world with a bidet, it's a step in the right direction.

Prevent Clogs

Nobody wants to call a plumber, but toilet paper, wet wipes, and other disposable materials cause far too many clogs each year. With a bidet, everything you flush is organic, relieving stress from your pipes and preventing toilet clogs caused by excess toilet paper and wet wipes.

Save Money

Americans spend hundreds of dollars annually on toilet paper, and that amount can be even more for larger households. While the initial investment is higher than a pack of toilet paper, installing a bidet will quickly recover the expenditure with your TP savings. Bidets can last a decade if properly cared for, which amounts to thousands of dollars in toilet paper!

Increased Comfort

The health factors, savings, and environmental benefits are great, but what about comfort? While bidets have a reputation of being “foreign” or “strange” to some Americans, acclimation is much easier than most people think. Adding one to your bathroom will take less than thirty minutes, and different models offer a variety of luxurious functions. From simple features like warm water and adjustable water pressure to a heated seat and oscillating wash, these extra bells and whistles will help you find the perfect combination of features on your wishlist.

Find A Bidet Toilet Seat For Your Bathroom

It's no secret that a bidet could take your hygiene, savings, and environmental consciousness to the next level, so what are you waiting for? Using a bidet has so many benefits that wiping should be a crime! Find the perfect system for your bathroom and see what a bidet offers.