Bidets Vs Toilet Paper: What's The Best Solution For Your Bathroom?

The initial convenience of toilet paper made it a popular option compared to using leaves or clumps of grass or your hand, especially in the U.S. Before modern restrooms, dry toilet paper was the way to go, but not in 2022. In a way, using toilet paper today is like someone still using leaves a century ago. With toilet paper shortages, environmental crises escalating, and skyrocketing consumer prices, many have found themselves in the great toilet paper debate. Is it time to change your habits and toss the toilet paper for a bidet system?

Environmental Impact Of A Bidet Versus Toilet Paper

No matter how conservative you and your family are with your TP, there's still a lot of paper being flushed. Tens of thousands of trees are turned into virgin pulp every year, with toilet paper being one of the most widely consumed products. A roll of toilet paper may not seem like much, but many families use more than 400 rolls per year, according to NBC Bay Area. When you factor in wet wipes and other similar products, there's a serious issue. In addition to that, creating paper pulp causes massive levels of pollution, contaminating the air and disrupting ecosystems. Using a bidet results in far less waste, reducing households to little or no toilet paper consumption. It's a much more sustainable option that utilizes water pressure to cleanse!
Bidets with an air dryer provide a quick, clean dry after your spray, so you could potentially never need toilet paper. This keeps your bum cleaner and eliminates the need for dry paper entirely, so you don't even have to keep a roll in the bathroom.

What About The Water Consumption?

Many people believe that using a bidet just goes from one type of waste to another, but that's not the case. Bidets use approximately 1/8 of a gallon per use, which is nothing compared to a toilet flush. You may see the bidet reflected in your water bill, but the cost is very minimal and will be far less than purchasing toilet paper.

Bidets Are Worth Your Initial Investment

While it may cost more upfront to purchase the bidet you want, you'll end up saving money in the long run. Using a bidet instead of toilet paper can save $120 per year (per person), so you can recoup the cost of a luxury bidet in just a few years! With bidets like this lasting up to a decade, it's a pretty fantastic investment.
Of course, there are more economical bidet models, so you don't need to break the bank to improve your bathroom experience. If you can live without amenities like a warm air dryer and toilet bowl cleaner, models like these are a great option.

No More Restocking Toilet Paper

It takes regular trips to the store and recurring costs to continue wiping with toilet paper. You can either overstock and dedicate space in your home for just toilet paper, or you can re-purchase the product every few weeks. Toilet paper is an annoyance that can be avoided; just use a bidet!
Bidets utilize the existing flow of tap water in your bathroom to clean, so there is nothing to go buy. As long as you have running water, the bidet is ready to use.

Bidets Provide A More Hygienic Cleaning

Why would you wipe when you could tap into the cleaning power of a bidet? Washing is far better than using toilet paper because it offers a more thorough clean. This removes a higher amount of germs and bacteria, which can prevent urinary tract infections and other medical issues. Washing also prevents things like an itchy anus, which can result from leftover toilet paper. Flushable wipes do better than paper, but would you shower with wet wipes? Washing sensitive areas completely removes fecal matter without leaving residual material, so you're actually clean.

More Than A Plumbing Fixture

You're on the toilet seat every day, so why make it uncomfortable? Toilet paper usage is rough, ineffective, and unsanitary next to a hygienic wash. Besides removing fecal matter, bidet attachments can do various things to improve your bathroom experience. Based on your preference and price range, there are numerous additional functions that make going to the restroom easier and more enjoyable. How could a heated seat, massaging wash, and odor control have anything but a positive effect on your poop time?

Do Bidets Use Cold Water?

Some manual and all electric bidets have a warm water option to enhance user experience. Manual bidets require a second water line, which is connected to the sink's hot water supply. Electric bidets have water heaters that allow you to change the water temperature on-command, so there's no additional setup required.

Are Bidets Warrantied?

Many Bidet toilet seat models are covered by a one, two, or three-year warranty, with the option to extend your coverage on some brands. With a three-year warranty, you're likely to save no less than $360 on toilet paper, so most models pay for themselves! Of course, most bidets outlast their warranty, so you could be looking at a much larger return on your investment.

Do Bidets Take Up A Lot Of Space?

Your new bidet will take up little-to-no extra space compared to toilet paper since it simply replaces your existing toilet seat and installs directly on top of your toilet. Realistically, the system will probably take less space than a single roll, but think about the space you will save without your stockpile of TP filling up shelves and closet space!

Do Bidets Help With Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

A bidet helps users with Irritable bowel syndrome and other intestinal issues avoid excess wiping and medical issues that follow. This can prevent anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and other complications that make it painful to poop. The bidet offers a gentle wash, which is a game-changer for people who are prone to bathroom issues.

Using A Bidet Vs Toilet Paper: It's A No-Brainer

America has a long-standing tradition of wiping, but with the amount of toilet paper, wet wipes, paper towel rolls, and other virgin pulp products climbing, something has to change. Use a bidet to be eco-friendly, save money, achieve a more thorough wash, or just improve your experience. When you think of the amount of money you save over time, there's nothing to lose! Find your bidet today and stop wiping with toilet paper for good.