BB-2000 Bidet Toilet Seat

What is the BB-2000?

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 is a state of the art, electric bidet toilet seat, masterfully created by Bio Bidet’s dedicated team of brilliant engineers. Using 15 years of research and advancements, the masterminds at Bio Bidet have come up with the latest technology, putting their all into the BB-2000 bidet seat. These toilet seats are not just a replacement to your existing toilet seat, the BB-2000 brings you an elevated bathroom experience. Including upgraded adjustable nozzles and a from an unrivaled spray system to its hybrid heating and a wireless remote, there is not much that the BB-2000 leaves to be desired.

With 3-in-1 spray technology that is provided exclusively by Bio Bidet, you can rely on a blissful and spotless clean every time your bidet is used. With the highest level of performance that can be asked of a bidet, the BB-2000 carries on with the genius technology used by previous models while also upgrading to ensure an unrivaled level of comfort and cleanliness.

Compared to its predecessor, the BB-1000, the new model has updated almost every feature. While the BB-2000 includes detailed instructions, this manual may assist in navigating your new bidet toilet seat.


While the project can seem overwhelming, installing a bidet toilet seat can be a fast and simple process when done using instructions. Using the materials provided, installation of the Bio Bidet BB-2000 can be completed by anyone in minimal time. After reading any outside articles, it is important to read any products manufacturer instructions to avoid unnecessary confusion. By following simple instructions, bidets are an easy way to add luxury and convenience to your daily life.

The first step to upgrading to a bidet seat is shutting off the water supply to the toilet tank. After doing this, the tank should be drained by flushing the toilet and the supply hose can be removed. Install the T-connection which comes included with your shipment to the bottom of your toilet tank, and re-attach the supply hose to the bottom of the "T." Next, place the bidet's mounting bracket over the toilet’s mounting holes and using the hardware provided, fasten it to the toilet. Once secured, the BB-2000 slides onto the mounting bracket.  A flexible hose provided is then installed from the T-connection to the BB-2000.  Once all connections are tight, open the water supply to start filling the seat. After checking for leaks, the bidet toilet seat will be ready for its first use.

Using the Bio Bidet BB-2000 bidet seat

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 is packed with top of the line features, most of them being controlled by the wireless remote control provided. The BB-2000’s remote is divided into separate rows to help consumers focus on the most used controls and distinguishing them from the rest. Most of the controls that will be needed often are found on the remote’s first row for easy access. These include posterior wash, feminine wash and air dry functions, all with highly visible images instead of text.

The second row of buttons will include the vortex wash, oscillating wash, auto wash and air deodorizer functions. These buttons are also easily distinguishable and are still at the top of the remote for convenience during use. The functions on this row tend to still come in handy regularly, but may not be as used as the ones previously listed.

While setting up the bidet toilet seat, you will quickly learn all of the adjustment features that are controlled by the remaining buttons. With adjustable water pressure, water temperature, spray position and heated seat temperature, these controls will allow you to create the optimal experience. These features are easy to adjust and will stay as selected until the user changes the settings, allowing customers to program the bidet toilet seat once and be done.

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 from Bio Bidet is one of the best toilet seats on the market. With superior spray technology, a hefty weight limit and a hybrid heating system, this bidet toilet seat offers comfort above the competition. Installation of this bidet seat can be completed with minimum hassle, leaving you glad that you threw out your old toilet seat. With little time you can have your Bio Bidet BB-2000 toilet seat installed and ready to use.