Who Manufactures the BB-2000 Bidet Toilet Seat?

While there are countless options to choose from when looking for a bidet cleaning system, many lack the efficiency and luxury of the BB-2000 toilet seat. The BB-2000 toilet seat is one of the flagship products to come from Bio Bidet, using all of their newest features and the best technology to provide customers with the ultimate bathroom experience. From the heated water to nozzle control and several spray cleaning options, this bidet toilet seat has everything that you may need in a toilet seat, plus some features you’ll really want.

The BB-2000 was designed and manufactured by Bio Bidet, a leading bidet company that is based out of Chicago, Illinois. After fifteen years of innovative research and testing, they have been able to create a unique bidet toilet seat experience that is unmatched by their competitors. Offering an inclusive lineup of products, Bio Bidet has an assortment of products from handheld bidet pumps to complete integrated bidet toilet combos, and anything you could want in between.

With Bio Bidet, their priority is bringing customers a clean and comfortable bathroom use every time, expanding the potential customer range with a wide variety of products to fit any price range. Bio Bidet has three categories of products in different price ranges. From simple travel pumps in the economy line to toilet setups in the premier series, they have a product in your price range.

The economy class of bidets includes several bidet-style cleaning options including travel, attachment and handheld systems. This line does not include whole toilet seats, but does offer different sizes of bidet attachments to fit your existing seat. The travel bidet is an excellent option for users who tend to find themselves traveling often. Handheld systems are another easy way to experience the cleaning and comfort of a bidet without breaking the bank. These are all great products that you can find for under $100, making them a steal for anyone who is interested in trying a bidet but may be hesitant of spending hundreds on a complete bidet system.

Bio Bidet’s luxury line of bidets are the most popular of their
products, being an affordable way to truly experience what a bidet can
be. Coming in the form of a bidet toilet seat, the luxury series is able
to provide many of the same features as the complete toilet, but at a
fraction of the cost and with easier installation. These bidet toilet seats
are easy to install and allow for a convenient and hygienic cleaning.
This is where the BB-2000 fits into Bio Bidet’s product categories. As
their top of the line bidet toilet seat, this product provides
temperature control for the seat and the water, as well as adjustable
spray settings so you can customize to fit your wants. Serving as the
middle ground for bidet users, the bidet toilet seats give individuals
the ability to experience a luxurious clean while staying in a
reasonable price range.

For customers that are looking for a complete bidet toilet cleaning system, Bio Bidet has that covered too. These products are complete integrated bidet toilet combos, from water tank to seat and everything else, leaving a big drawing board for Bio Bidet. With incredible features like “Kick” lights that are foot controlled to UV sterilization, every inch of these toilets have been optimized for a flawless bathroom experience fit for royalty. With all of these amenities, you can feel transcendent every time you “go”.

All products from Bio Bidet are intended to have do it yourself installation, saving time and money versus hiring a plumber. Easy instructions and simple hardware allows any customer to confidently install and use these bidet systems.

Not only does Bio Bidet have a long standing reputation for making excellent products, but they are one of the only companies around that will back the products that they sell with a satisfaction guarantee and fully inclusive warranty. With the BB-2000, Bio Bidet provides a free, 100% coverage warranty for the first three years after the bidet toilet seat is purchased. For $100, the covered time can be extended to a six year warranty.

The development of the BB-2000 has come with years of research and improvements to existing bidet toilet seat technology. While Bio Bidet has been one of the best producers of bidets for over 15 years, they have continued to provide enhancements to the bathroom, adding luxury and convenience where possible. With several patents already in place, this company has put the time into their development, offering the latest technology to customers through masterfully designed toilet, seat, and attachment bidet systems.

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