7 Bidet Myths and Misconceptions You Should Know

Bidets have quite a few misconceptions and can be especially confusing to those that are not accustomed to using or seeing a bidet.  Because bidet toilet seats use water to wash you, they are much more hygienic than wiping with dry paper.  There are also many conceptions regarding bidets, so it's important to do your research prior to purchasing one so you can make the right choice on the type of bidet for you.

Common Misconceptions of Bidets

A bidet will take up a lot of bathroom space

Bidet toilet seats mount right on top of your existing toilet, so there is no additional footprint in your bathroom.  Simply remove your existing toilet seat, and mount your bidet seat!  You can also buy a integrated bidet toilet combo,
which is a bidet and toilet "all in one."  Again - this just replaces your toilet so no additional footprint is necessary.  Bidet toilet seats do require an electrical outlet
to function however, so you will need to verify that an outlet is nearby.
Bidets are typically compatible with any 120V outlet; however, it is
recommended to use a GFCI outlet when possible.

Bidets require a plumber to install

Since bidet seats are designed to attach to toilets they are DIY installation and are easy to install.  And since a bidet seat taps into the existing cold water supply behind your toilet, no additional plumbing is necessary (a water heater inside the bidet will heat the water).  In fact, the typical installation
of a bidet takes about 20 minutes.

It is unhealthy for multiple people to use the same bidet

Bidets are actually quite sanitary for multiple people to use. The water is sprayed at an angle to where users do not have to worry about dirtying the bidet itself. Bidet seats also have an automated self cleaning feature which rinses the nozzle with water before AND after each use.  Some advanced models even have a nozzle sterilization feature for extra peace of mind.

Using toilet paper is easier and cleaner than using bidets

As rectal surgeon Dr. Evan Goldstein explained to Insider, wiping with toilet paper alone smears fecal matter around the skin instead of cleaning it, leaving bacteria behind. Not only does wiping alone not properly clean the area, it actually can injure you if you over-wipe. A bidet provides an effective, gentle, hygienic cleaning solution.

Bidets are just for women

While bidets are very effective for women, especially those that are
pregnant or menstruating, they have proven to yield health benefits when
used by men as well.
seats, bidet attachments and hand-held bidets are ideal for both genders
as well as many varying age groups. The elderly population benefits
highly from bidets as they do not have to focus as heavily on wiping.
Instead, they can use a bidet to clean the area gently.

Bidets are messy

Bidets are specially engineered to spray only the amount of water that
is needed to get areas clean. They also do not deploy automatically or
spray water everywhere. Bidets are installed at a specific angle,
allowing for a precise, pressurized water to spray the area, avoiding getting water everywhere. You are able to adjust both
the pressure and position of the spray and customize your bidet
experience. Some types of bidets also include a dryer feature, making it even cleaner and easier to use and avoid any mess.

Bidets have no limitations

There are actually a few limitations to consider before using or purchasing a bidet attachment or bidet toilet seat. While many can enjoy the use of bidets, and the bidet cleaning experience, they are not for everyone.

Common bidet limitations include:

A weight limit. Most bidets are only rated to handle between 300-350 pounds; however, there are several brands that you can purchase that can hold between 350-500 pounds. It is important to look into your bidet’s weight limit prior to purchasing if your weight is a concern.

Bidets allow you to customize the temperature of the water spray. If the water spray is too hot, it hurt the area that it is sprayed in, especially for those that are temperature sensitive, such as children or the elderly. It is important to adjust the settings to where your skin is the most comfortable.

While bidets come with many myths and misconceptions, bidet use is important for a gentle and practical clean. Prior to using or purchasing a bidet, it is important to do your research and figure out what is going to be the best brand and type for you and your bathroom space. When used correctly, bidets provide a cleaning experience that is more comfortable and more hygienic than dry toilet paper.