3 Reasons to Start Using a Bidet

If you have already decided that you want a bidet seat then you are likely familiar with all of the reasons for upgrading your bathroom with one. At this point you are probably in the process of choosing the model that you want, in which case you can always give us a
call at 888-388-5658 and we’d be happy to help you make that final decision! But for anyone who is still on the fence, we wanted to share the following three reasons why you should start using a bidet.

1) Hygiene and Health

It's a well-known fact that water is necessary for cleansing our bodies. That is why we look forward to getting clean in a soothing, warm shower instead of merely wiping ourselves “clean” with a wad of paper towels. So if showers are the best way to clean every other part of ourselves, why are people still using toilet paper after going to the bathroom? There are many reasons, but the key factor that holds Americans back from switching is how we have been conditioned to use the toilet. From the time we are first potty-trained all the way through adulthood, Americans are taught that toilet paper is the only way to clean. And like all habits, it can be tough to break out of this bathroom routine. But knowing what we know about the hygiene and health benefits of washing with water, using a bidet is obviously better than wiping with toilet paper.

2) Help Our Environment

Every year millions of trees are used to manufacture toilet paper. America is the biggest toilet paper consumer both per capita and by sheer overall volume. That’s a lot of trees being used just to end up being flushed down the toilet. But when you wash with a bidet, toilet paper usage can be reduced by about 75%. With a bidet, TP is primarily used to pat yourself dry after washing. Many bidets include a warm air dryer which can help further cut down how much toilet paper you use for drying purposes. And strangely enough, bidets also conserve water compared to toilet paper, as a single roll of toilet paper uses approximately 37 gallons of water. A bidet seat uses a fraction of a liter per use on average, so the number of trips you get from a single roll doesn’t even come close to the number of trips a bidet will provide with the same amount of water.

3) Cost Savings

Along with all the toilet paper waste you’ll be saving by switching to a bidet seat, you’ll also be saving money with a bidet. An average family of four will spend over $120 on toilet paper. When you factor the amount of money you will save by cutting back on TP over the life of a bidet, it will pay for itself. You are also less likely to have clogs and toilet back-ups that can happen from too much toilet paper, or worse, wet wipes, getting lodged in pipes. And that can save money and big headaches.

With a bidet toilet seat, you get far more than a superior clean. We hope that you learned something new and will consider the benefits of installing your own bidet toilet seat. You can always visit us
here to shop our extensive selection of bidets and learn more about them through our articles, videos, reviews and more!