Top 5 Reasons to Get a Bidet Seat

If you were to ask someone who has experienced using a bidet to compare it with using toilet paper, chances are good that they’d say there is no comparison - the bidet will win out every time. After a lifetime of wiping with toilet paper, using water to cleanse yourself can be eye-opening. It makes perfect sense why bidet seats are so popular with those who have used them when you compare warm, gentle water to dry, chafing toilet paper.

Bidets are better than toilet paper for many reasons, and we have listed five of the main advantages that make bidet toilet seats superior to traditional toilet paper:

1. Bidet seats clean more effectively. In the same sense that wiping up spilled food with a dry paper towel will leave behind residue, using toilet paper may not get you sufficiently clean. Washing with a bidet allows you to fully cleanse, reducing your chances of UTIs, itchiness and general discomfort when compared to using toilet paper.

2. Washing with a bidet is more comfortable. Not only can you replace the abrasiveness of toilet paper with a gentle stream of water, but you can upgrade your features to further enhance the experience. Amenities like a heated seat and massage functions make these seats far more comfortable to use, especially for those with issues that make them sensitive to wiping.

3. The settings and preferences can be customized. Virtually all of the wash settings on your bidet seat can be adjusted. With controlled water pressure, temperature, spray position, and more, you can fully personalize your wash. Some seats even offer user presets, which allow you to pre-program wash settings for multiple people in your family.

4. Bidet seats offer greater bathroom independence. For people with various health issues or injuries, bidets can allow them to continue using the bathroom on their own when they might otherwise require assistance from a caretaker. With a bidet, you simply press the “Wash” button and cleaning becomes a hands-free experience. You can even use the convenient built-in air dryer to help with residual moisture.

5. Bidets are eco-friendly. Every year over 9 million trees are cut down to manufacture toilet paper in the U.S. alone. That is a rapid depletion of our natural resources. But, with a bidet seat, you can dramatically reduce your toilet paper consumption. Not only does cutting back on toilet paper help save trees, it helps save you money. Check out our 
bidet toilet seat infographic to learn more.

Modern electronic bidet seats are loaded with lots of other great features besides their washing functions, like the warmed toilet seat which, like the built-in water heater, is very much appreciated during the winter months. Other common features include a built-in air deodorizer and night light. Some models even have an automatic lid that raises itself as you approach the toilet!

If you are still unsure if a bidet toilet seat will be right for you, take advantage of our 30 Day Trial Offer available on select models and try one in your home risk-free. We think you’ll enjoy all the wonderful features a bidet seat provides. So stop wiping and start washing today!