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Palm Travel Bidet

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There’s a saying in the bidet industry – once you try a bidet toilet seat, you’ll never go back to toilet paper again!  But when traveling, it’s hard to take your bidet seat with you.  That’s why we offer this travel bidet to take wherever you go.

But what exactly is a travel bidet?  Well, it's very similar to a hand-bidet (which is a small, hand-held shower spray that's connected to a water outlet with a hose).  But instead of having a hose, the Palm Travel Bidet has a water reservoir - you simply extend the device and fill the reservoir with warm tap water.  The Travel Bidet is powered by a signle AA battery, which exerts pressure for the water to spray out of the extended nozzle.  Just press the power button, and you’ll be enjoying the comforts of your bidet back home.  The Palm Travel Bidet is a much-needed alternative to toilet paper when you’re on the road.

The Palm Travel Bidet comes with a travel carry pouch.


Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions:  2.2" W x 2.6" L x 6" H
  • Power Source:  1 x AA 1.5V Battery
  • Water Capacity:  7 oz


    Travel Bidet , Travel Bidet Seat , Travel Bidet Toilet Seat
    Palm Travel Bidet nozzle extended
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