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Bio Bidet BB 1000 Air Deodorizer Refill

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Note:  One (1) Carbon Air Deodorizer + Cartridge is already included with the purchase of a Bio Bidet BB 1000.  This page is so you can order refills.


You won’t be needing these aerosol cans anymore...  eliminate bathroom odor with this air deodorizer refill designed to fit the Bio Bidet BB 1000 bidet toilet seats.

Air deodorizers are a common feature on most modern bidet toilet seats.  It works with an advanced carbon filter system.  Inside your bidet, there is an air intake fan which sucks outside air through the bidet unit.  During this process, air passes thru the carbon filter which absorbs bathroom odor.  This contrasts with other air deodorizers that simply cover up or mask odors with a different scent.  This is just one of the many advanced features your toilet bidet seat has to offer.

Note:  Product includes carbon refill only.  Simply remove existing deodorizer from plastic cartridge, and replace with new carbon refill.  Replacing your air deodorizer every 4 to 6 months is suggested.


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