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Bidet Seat T-Connection

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Note:  One (1) T-connection is already included with the purchase of any bidet seat in our store.  This page is just in case you need another one.


Need a spare T-connection for your bidet seat?  One of our most requested spare bidet parts (probably because they’re hard to find!), the T-Connection is used when installing your bidet toilet seat.  There is a water outlet behind your toilet which is connected to the bottom of your water tank.  This supplies the water to refill your toilet after flushing.  After turning off the shut-off valve, unscrew the connecting hose and attach the T-connection directly to the water outlet.  This will allow the water to run two different ways - one way will be to the water tank, and the other way will be back to the bidet seat.

Re-secure the hose to your water tank to the top end of the T-Connection.  Attach another hose to the other opening, and attach the end of this hose to your toilet bidet seat.  Open the water shut-off valve, and check for leaks.  Congratulations on installing the T-connection for your bidet toilet seat!


Two thread sizes are available:



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