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Brondell Swash BL97

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If you are looking for an affordable electric bidet seat from a trusted name in the industry, the Brondell Swash BL97 is a great entry-level seat to add to your bathroom.  The BL97 provides both posterior and feminine wash options with a single stainless steel nozzle.  The tankless water heater provides continuous warm water with adjustable temperature settings.  The water pressure and nozzle position are also adjustable to help you personalize your cleaning experience.  Additional wash features included with the BL97 include nozzle oscillation which moves the nozzle back and forth while it sprays, as well as a water pulse function that alternates between high and low water pressure.

The Swash BL97 comes with a wireless remote control with a wall mounting kit for your convenience.  The nozzle rinses itself before and after use, and you can activate a manual cleaning option to cleanse the nozzle more thoroughly.  There are two user presets so you can save setting preferences for two separate users.  Since the spray strength preferences vary for different users, Brondell includes a Strong Wash function that uses a concentrated stronger spray stream.  And at the other end of the spectrum, there is a Gentle button that uses a much softer spray for younger or more sensitive users.  Both are welcome features you might not expect from a seat at this price point.

There are more convenience features available on the BL97, most important being the adjustable temperature heated toilet seat.  both the seat and lid use a slow-closing mechanism to prevent them from slamming closed.  The lid is weight-bearing up to 160 pounds.  Another nice updated feature is the night light which illuminates the bowl with a gentle blue light for nighttime use.  You can set the Eco Mode to save electricity when the seat is not in use.  The BL97 from Brondell offers a great array of features at an affordable price, making it a popular bidet seat option in its price range.


Brondell Swash BL97 Features:

  • Wireless remote control (wall mounting kit included)
  • Two user presets
  • Tankless (instant) water heating system
  • Single stainless steel wash nozzle
  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Oscillating cleanse
  • Massage wash
  • Water pulse feature
  • Strong wash mode
  • Gentle wash mode
  • Temperature controlled heated seat
  • Occupied seat sensor
  • Slow closing seat and lid
  • Night light
  • Power saving mode
  • Quality approved by UL

One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:

  • 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase

Optional - Three Years Manufacturer's Uniited Warranty (Add $99):

  • 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase


Product Specifications:



View:  Owner's Manual:  Brondell Swash BL97 (.pdf)

    Brondell Swash BL97 Top View
    Brondell Swash BL97 Bidet Toilet Seat
    Brondell Swash BL97 Design
    Brondell Swash BL97 Three Quarter
    Brondell Swash BL97 Heated Toilet Seat
    Brondell Swash BL97 Stainless Steel Nozzle
    Brondell Swash BL97 Wireless Remote Control
    Brondell Swash BL97 Lifestyle
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