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TOTO S550e Washlet vs Bio Bidet BB 2000 | High Level Comparison

Trying to decide between the TOTO S550e and the Bio Bidet BB 2000 can be difficult as they are both top-tier bidet seats with several highly coveted features in common.  Both of these modern units install easily on your existing toilet to convert it into a fully-loaded "smart" toilet.  Their tankless water heating systems allow for uninterrupted continuous warm water.  The water pressure and temperature can be easily adjusted through each bidet's wireless remote control.  Both also have adjustable spray nozzle position, oscillating wash, warm air dryer and adjustable temperature heated seat.

While both models share many features, there are some notable differences setting them apart.  The TOTO S550e has an automatic opening and closing lid as well as a e-water misting feature not available on the BB 2000.  The TOTO S550e also offers two user presets so you can save preferred settings for two different people.  The BB 2000 has a stainless steel wash nozzle with a detachable tip for easier cleaning, while the S550e has a plastic nozzle.  The BB 2000 also has a stronger warranty compared to the S550e.

In terms of the washing functionality, the BB 2000 is equipped with a turbo enema wash that can alleviate constipation which can be very useful for those with certain health issues.  The TOTO S550e has a regular and a wide or soft spray option.  The spray volume which measures the water output of the spray nozzle is rather larger on the BB 2000 (0.7 liters per minute) than the S550e (0.4 liters per minute).  The larger spray volume plays a role in the strength and efficiency of each bidet's wash stream, giving the BB 2000 a leg up in that regard.  Below is a further breakdown of the differences between these popular models.


TOTO S550e Washlet vs Bio Bidet BB 2000 | Detailed Comparison Chart

TOTO Bio Bidet
TO S550e BB 2000
Wireless Remote
Adjustable Water Temp.
Adjustable Water Pressure
Adjustable Spray Position
Adjustable Spray Width  
Wash Features
Posterior Wash
Feminine Wash
Oscillating Cleanse
Water Pulse Cleanse
Turbo (enema) Wash  

Maximum Water Volume

(liters per minute)

0.5 0.7
TOTO Bio Bidet
TO S550e BB 2000
Other Features
Stainless Steel Nozzles  
Warm Air Dry
Warmed Toilet Seat
Automatic Air Deodorizer
Night Light
User Presets  
eWater Toilet Bowl Misting  
Automatic Open/Close Lid  
Warranty (# of years) 1 3*
*Extended Warranty Available

TOTO S550e Washlet

TOTO is the originator of the modern electric bidet seat, and the S550e is loaded with modern high-end features.  A sensor detects when you approach the unit triggering the automatic opening lid, plus they include a seat raising button on the remote.  And of course both close automatically after use for a hands free experience.  The user presets let two different users save their preferred wash settings.  The e-water feature helps keep the inner surface of the bowl clean with a mist of water before and after every use.  The redesigned body has a slimmer profile than other seats and there is even an option to choose between two different lid designs with the Modern or Classic style.

Compelling reasons to choose the TOTO S550e:

     - The automatic opening/closing lid is important for you

     - You prefer the narrower profile body

     - The bowl misting e-water feature appeals to you

Bio Bidet BB 2000

The BB 2000 is the best-selling model from Bio Bidet and for good reason.  The single stainless steel nozzle has separate spray ports for feminine and posterior wash as well as the vortex wash, which is the enema spray feature unique to Bio Bidet.  The BB 2000 also has the largest spray volume available at 0.7 liters per minute.  The larger spray volume allows for a stronger spray and more effective cleaning experience.  This sturdily built unit has the highest weight capacity of any seat with a weight limit of 450 pounds.  The warranty is also better on the BB 2000 with 100% coverage for a full three years plus an optional extended warranty.

Compelling reasons to choose the Bio Bidet BB 2000:

     - You want the seat with the strongest wash spray

     - The enema function is useful for anyone using it

     - The stronger warranty is important



Here are some differences in design specs.  These are bidetsPLUS' measurements of the physical unit; may differ slightly from stated measurements in the owner's manual, perhaps due to conversion from metric units to imperial.

  TOTO S550e Washlet
Bio Bidet BB 2000
Height - Rear (tallest point)  5.0" 5.6"
Height - Front (shortest point)  1.5" 1.4"
Length - Elongated Size  20.7" 20.9"
Length - Round Size  N/A N/A
Width (widest point)  14.5" 15.4"
Weight  9.8 lbs 10.6 lbs
Water Hose Extends from (facing the unit)  Left Left
Electric Cord Extends from (facing the unit)  Left Right
Electric Cord Length  42.0" 42.0"


Key takeways:  The TOTO S550e is a bit smaller in size with a shorter maximum height and narrower width, so it has a shorter overall profile than the BB 2000.  Taller or larger people may actually prefer the somewhat larger BB 2000, especially as it has a higher weight limit seat at 450 pounds versus 300 pounds for the S550e.

Also note that the electrical cords are on different sides.  The cord on the TOTO S550e is on the left side as you face the toilet, so it's on the same side as the water connection.  The BB 2000 cord extends from the rear right side as facing the toilet.


Wash Features

As already noted, these two units share many wash features.  Continuous on-demand warm water with adjustable temperature, adjustable water pressure, adjustable nozzle position, oscillating wash plus the water pulse all make both bidets well-equipped in terms of the washing functionality.  The S550e also includes the user presets which as mentioned previously are a convenience feature so two different uses can save their preferences for the wash position, water temperature and wash pressure.  This may be helpful if there are two primary users who have very difference preferences for the settings.  The BB 2000 meanwhile has the turbo or vortex feature which provides an enema wash function which some users may want to have as an option.

The biggest difference in terms of the washing function is the difference in spray volume.  At 0.7 liters per minute, the BB 2000 has a larger water output when compared with the TOTO S550e's 0.4 liters per minute.  As discussed above, a larger spray volume generally translates to a stronger stream of water during the wash cycle.  The stronger spray is like have an additional level of pressure with the BB 2000 compared to the S550e.


Other Features

Beyond the various washing functions, both of these models are equipped with many of the extra features you'd expect to find in a high end bidet seat.  Either one offers users a warm air dryer, adjustable temperature heated seat, remote control operation and air deodorizer.  The both have night lights, but are slightly different - the S550e night light illuminates inside the bowl area while the BB 2000 night light is located on left outside of the unit.  The BB 2000 has a higher weight limit at 450 pounds versus 300 pounds for the S550e.

Two unique extras that the S550e offers users are the automatic opening and closing lid feature and the e-water feature.  The remote operation of raising the lid and the automatic closing of the lid is a bonus, so you don't have to worry about leaving the seat up.  The BB 2000 lacks the auto open and close, but it does have a slow-closing seat and lid so they will close gently and won't slam.  The e-water mists the bowl when the body sensor is triggered and then again after use as well as every eight hours of non-use.  This is a clever feature designed to help you keep the toilet bowl clean and limit the need for manual cleaning with harsh chemical cleaners.  While both models are designed with a modern look, the S550e has the thinner body of the two.



Here's the TOTO S550e warranty:

     - 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase

Here's the Bio Bidet BB 2000 warranty:

     - 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase
     - 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the second year from original date of purchase
     - 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the third year from original date of purchase
     - Extended Warranty Option (add $99):  100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for SIX years

The BB 2000 has the clear advantage in terms of the warranty with an additional two years of full coverage over the S550e.  Bio Bidet also offers the option of an extended warranty for a total of six years of coverage, the best warranty available on any of our bidets.  TOTO and Bio Bidet have customer support teams here in the U.S. and have provided us with years of top notch service and support.


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