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bidetsPLUS is an authorized dealer for Coway bidet seats.  We're proud to present to you the Coway bidet seat available here at bidetsPLUS!

Coway bidet seats certainly push the envelope when it comes to bidet technology.  Many of the features you’ll find on their model, the BA 13 Coway bidet seat, are industry-firsts.  These features are so advanced that other manufacturers have yet to incorporate (or figure out) how to put the same functions available on the Coway bidet seat, in their own models.  The Coway BA13 is that good.

The BA 13 Coway bidet seat is powered by two stainless steel nozzles.  One of the nozzles is dedicated for posterior wash, and the other nozzle is dedicated for feminine wash.  The nozzles on the BA 13 Coway bidet seat have adjustable spray-width controls as well, which allow you to choose between a narrow, more concentrated spray or a wider, more gentle spray.  After washing, sterilize your wash nozzles with a special silver oxide which treats your nozzles with an anti-bacterial coating.  Coway is the first manufacturer to offer stainless steel nozzles, spray-width controls, and nozzle sterilization.  These are just a few examples why the BA 13 Coway bidet seat is ahead of the industry.

Wash settings on this Coway bidet seat are completely adjustable.  You can increase or decrease water temperature and water pressure.  The position of the wash nozzle on the BA 13 Coway bidet seat can be changed as well, so you can find the settings that are just right for you.

Non-wash features include a warm air dryer which helps take care of moisture after washing.  It has a temperature-controlled heated toilet seat, with a soft-closing seat and lid as well.  The BA 13 Coway bidet seat even has a built-in air deodorizer which helps freshen up your bathroom.  There’s also a power saving mode, which decreases energy consumption when not in use.

Learn more about the industry-leading Coway bidet seat by clicking thru to the BA 13 product page.


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