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bidetsPLUS is an authorized dealer of BL Series bidet seats.  We are pleased to offer you the BL Series bidet seats here at bidetsPLUS!

The BL Series bidet seats are manufactured by the Blooming bidet company.  Most manufacturers offer two versions of the same bidet seat – one version with a wireless remote control and another version with the control panel attached to the side of the bidet seat.  Blooming is no exception to this, as they offer both the BL 17 as well as the Blooming 1060.  Although they are branded with different names, they are the same exact seat, with the only difference being the remote control that comes on the 1060 version.


One thing that sets the BL Series (Blooming) bidet seats apart from most other bidets, is that both BL Series bidet seats (both the BL 17 and 1060) were designed to fit virtually any toilet in the world.  The reason this is significant, is because most bidet seats will only fit two-piece toilets (toilets where the water tank and toilet bowl are two separate pieces, and bolted together).  The BL Series bidet seats however, were designed to be compatible with both two-piece AND one-piece toilets.  So if you have one of these hard to fit one-piece toilets, the BL Series bidet seats are especially for you!

The BL Series bidet seats have excellent wash functions, including posterior and frontal wash features.  Wash settings can be customized as well – water temperature, water pressure, and the position of the wash nozzle can all be tailored to suit your preference.

Non-wash features of the BL Series bidet seats include a heated toilet seat, a warm air dry, and a slow closing seat and lid.  There’s also a convenient LED night light which helps when going to the bathroom late at night.  To learn more about the features of the BL Series bidet seats, check out our BL Series product page where you’ll find an insightful video review which explains more!