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Bio Bidet Discovery DLS vs TOTO S550e Washlet | High Level Comparison

If you are looking for a fantastic luxury bidet seat loaded with high-end features, then the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS and the TOTO S550e Washlet are definitely the two models to consider.  Both of these seats are designed for do-it-yourself installation on your existing toilet to quickly update your bathroom.  Shared wash features you would expect include tankless on-demand water heating with adjustable water temperature, adjustable nozzle position and adjustable water pressure, plus the popular oscillating wash function. Beyond the wash functions, these units also both offer a heated seat with adjustable temperature, warm air dryer and a wireless remote control.  You will also find both models are equipped with automatic opening and closing seat and lid that adds not just a bit of luxury but a useful hands-free element to these bidets.

While there are many similarities, there are of course some notable differences to be aware of when deciding between these bidet seats.  In terms of washing features, the TOTO S550e offers an adjustable spray width for a narrower or wider spray option for both the posterior and feminine wash.  The Discovery DLS does not have adjustable spray width, though it does have what’s called dynamic wash functionality, which quickly alternates the water temperature form hot to cold for a soothing effect that can help relieve constipation.  The Discovery also has a slightly larger spray volume at 0.6 liters per minute compared to the S550e at 0.5 liters per minute.

Other noteworthy differences include the bowl misting feature on the S550e that sprays a mist to help keep the surface of your toilet bowl clean.  You also have a choice between two different lid designs with the TOTO S550e whereas most bidets – including the Discovery DLS – do not offer different lid design options.  However, the lid of the Discovery DLS is weight-bearing so you can sit on the lid, something you can’t do with the S550e.  We would also note a difference in seat size, with the Discovery DLS having a slightly wider seat for a larger sitting surface compared to the S550e which has a slightly narrower seat.  Below we detail more of the features so you can easily compare these two bidet seats.


Bio Bidet Discovery DLS vs TOTO S550e Washlet | Detailed Comparison Chart

Bio Bidet TOTO
Discovery DLS TO S550e
Wireless Remote
Adjustable Water Temp.
Adjustable Water Pressure
Adjustable Spray Position
Adjustable Spray Width  
Wash Features
Posterior Wash
Feminine Wash
Oscillating Cleanse
Water Pulse Cleanse  
Dynamic (hot/cold) Wash  

Maximum Water Volume

(liters per minute)

0.6 0.5
Bio Bidet TOTO
Discovery DLS TO S550e
Other Features
Stainless Steel Nozzles  
Warm Air Dry
Warmed Toilet Seat
Night Light
Automatic Air Deodorizer  
User Presets  
eWater Toilet Bowl Misting  
Nozzle Sterilization
Automatic Open/Close Lid
A Lid You Can Sit On  
Warranty (# of years) 5 1
*Extended Warranty Available

Bio Bidet Discovery DLS

The Discovery DLS is the latest and most fully-featured seat from the popular manufacturer Bio Bidet.  It is their first bidet seat with the automatic opening and closing lid, plus it has a lid you can sit on making for a unique and versatile design.  The wider seat of the DLS offers a bit more sitting space which some users may appreciate in terms of comfort.  The updated water heating system allows for the quickly alternating hot and cold spray pattern of the dynamic wash feature to help alleviate constipation.  The Discovery DLS also comes with an industry-best five-year 100% warranty, the longest standard warranty of any bidet.

Compelling reasons to choose the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS:

     - You want the wider seat and sittable lid

     - You like the dynamic wash feature

     - You prefer having the stronger warranty

TOTO S550e Washlet

Nobody has been making the modern bidet toilet seat longer than TOTO and it shows in their S550e washlet design and function.  The S550e has a slim design and seamless look with an option of either the Contemporary or Classic lid design, a unique option.  With both the feminine and posterior wash, the S550e gives you the option of a narrower, stronger spray stream or a wider and gentler spray.  The eWater feature uses electrolyzed water to sterilize the nozzle and also sprays the bowl with a mist of water to keep the surface of the bowl clean.  The S550e also lets you save settings for water temperature, pressure and nozzle position for two different users with the two user presets.

Compelling reasons to choose the TOTO S550e:

     - You want to have user presets

     - You like the bowl misting feature

     - You prefer having the adjustable spray width



Here are some differences in design specs.  These are bidetsPLUS' measurements of the physical unit; may differ slightly from stated measurements in the owner's manual, perhaps due to conversion from metric units to imperial.

  Bio Bidet Discovery DLS
TOTO S550e Washlet
Height - Rear (tallest point)  4.8" 5.0"
Height - Front (shortest point)  1.4" 1.5"
Length - Elongated Size  20.5" 20.7"
Length - Round Size  N/A N/A
Width (widest point)  15.3" 14.5"
Weight  8.8 lbs 9.8 lbs
Water Hose Extends from (facing the unit)  Left Left
Electric Cord Extends from (facing the unit)  Right Left
Electric Cord Length  46.0" 42.0"


Key takeways:  The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS and TOTO S550e Washlet are quite similar in size with both measuring at 5” or less at the tallest point, so you get a slim profile with both models.  As noted previously, the Discovery DLS does have a wider seat, so bigger people or anyone looking for a bit more seating area may find this useful.

You can also see that the power cord for the TOTO S550e is on the left side of the unit, right by the water line, but the power cord on the Discovery DLS is on the right side as you are facing the toilet.


Wash Features

As you would expect with two high-end bidet seats, several of the same wash features are available on both units.  Tankless water heating with continuous warm water, adjustable nozzle position, adjustable spray pressure and adjustable water temperature are standard features with these seats.  They also come with the oscillating wash function which moves the nozzle back and forth during the wash cycle are all included on these models.  They each utilize a single nozzle system with multiple spray ports, though the Discovery DLS uses a stainless steel nozzle whereas the S550e has a plastic nozzle.

As noted above, the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS has a slightly larger spray volume at 0.6 liters per minute compared to the TOTO S550e at 0.5 liters per minute, so you get a bit more water output from the DLS model.  The S550e does offer adjustable spray width for both posterior and feminine cleansing which the Discovery DLS does not have.  The S550e also includes a water pulse function that alternates quickly between a low-pressure and high-pressure spray pattern.  The Discovery DLS does not have the pulse wash feature, but it does have its own unique dynamic wash, which is similar to the pulse feature except instead of alternating between high and low pressure, the spray pattern on the dynamic wash setting alternates quickly between warm and cold water.  The Discovery DLS also has an Auto feature which initiates a 90 second wash followed immediately by a four-minute air dry cycle with one button.


Other Features

Besides sharing many of the same washing features, you’ll also find several of the same non-wash features on the Discovery DLS and S550e.  The adjustable temperature heated seat is a coveted feature both models offer, as well as the warm air dryer.  Bio Bidet improved the air dryer with the Discovery DLS giving it one of the strongest air dryers we’ve seen.  You also get the automatic opening and closing lid and seat functionality with these units.  The auto opening and closing function helps provide a hands-free experience, plus makes sure the seat is never left up.  Both units also have a night light in the bowl area making it easier to see at night without turning on bright lights.

Each one is also equipped with a nozzle sterilization with the TOTO S550e using eWater technology which uses electrolyzed water, while the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS uses ultraviolet (UV) sterilization to disinfect the wash nozzle after use.  The S550e has the additional bowl misting feature which sprays a mist of water to help keep the surface of the bowl cleaner.  There is also an automatic air deodorizer built into the S550e which acts like a tiny exhaust fan to pull out from the bowl area to help mitigate odors.  The TOTO S550e also has two user presets so you can set the preferred settings for two unique users.  The Discovery DLS meanwhile has a wider seat for a slightly larger seating area and bowl opening.  You can also sit on the lid of the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS which may come in handy if you tend to use your toilet lid as a sitting surface.  Note that it’s recommended you disable the automatic lid opening sensor when before sitting on the lid.



Here's the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS warranty:

     - 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for FIVE years from original date of purchase

Here's the TOTO S550e warranty:

     - 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for ONE year from original date of purchase

The Discovery DLS by far as the advantage here with its longer warranty coverage.  The full five years of 100% coverage is the longest warranty that comes standard with any bidet seat.  Both TOTO and Bio Bidet have US-based customer support to assist with warranty service and both have provided excellent customer support over the years.


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