What's The Difference Between Entry, Mid, and Luxury Class Bidet Seats?

There are hundreds of great choices when it comes to finding your next bidet seat, but where should you even start looking? For most customers, the starting point will be found based on a target price range. We all have a budget, so we have come up with three classes of bidet toilet seats that will help you find a seat within your price range. The entry class of bidet toilet seats will include the lowest priced bidets including non-electric bidet attachments up to the lowest-cost electric bidet seats. The non-electric attachments are limited in the features available but provide the basic bidet spray function with cold water. The vast majority of entry level electric bidet seats come with water temperature adjustment and adjustable spray pressure as well as other basic extras like separate feminine and posterior wash function and a heated toilet seat. So you get a comfortable, thorough clean that may not be luxurious but still better than toilet paper. The highlight of entry-level bidet seats is the cost. Many non-electric attachments are under $100 with electric bidet seats ranging from around $300 to $500. This will also be the only class with non-electric bidets, so if you lack access to a power outlet, you can still install one of these attachments.