No Toilet Paper? It's Ok, I Have A Bidet!

Many Americans are raised to believe that using a bidet is some abnormal,  or even taboo, practice. And because they are so scarce in our country, many of us never get the chance to use them; until there's no alternative. Many first-time bidet users find themselves unexpectedly impressed by their first bidet experience, and for a good reason.
The truth is, after you get past the stigma of bidets, they're far more comfortable, effective, and sustainable than toilet paper. Here's a deeper look.

Bidets Are Different In 2023

In 2023, the old style of stand-alone bidets are far less common than modern bidet attachments and bidet toilet seats. It's actually very convenient to use a modern bidet, and there's no movement from one fixture to another required. You simply sit, go, then spray. Simple controls let you adjust the water pressure, temperature, and nozzle angle for the perfect cleanse.

Why Are People So Impressed?

Many people decide to switch from dry toilet paper after their first experience using a bidet, but why are they so willing to make a big change?

A More Thorough Cleaning

It's evident that bidet attachments and toilet seats provide a better cleaning than toilet paper from the first time you wash. Using a bidet improves personal hygiene and health, helping individuals prevent urinary tract infections and other medical issues associated with bacterial contamination. With bidets, users don't have to worry about residual paper, fecal matter, and bacteria.

Fancy Features

The last time we checked, there were no extra features that come with toilet paper. On the other hand, bidets come equipped with various features to provide users with the best, most comfortable cleaning. This is especially true with a high-quality bidet like this. You can choose a model equipped with a warm air dryer, massaging features, self-cleaning rinse, and other impressive functions that are designed to give you the most comfortable poop possible.
Sure, you can look at the price of these fancy features, but you're actually saving money in the long run. With the average American spending upwards of $150 on toilet paper annually, you will quickly recoup the cost of most bidets.

Less Toilet Paper Is Always Better

There are plenty of reasons to use less toilet paper, starting with the adverse effects of wiping. Toilet paper can create tiny cuts in sensitive areas, opening them to bacteria and causing irritation. For those with IBS and other bowel-related issues, wiping can quickly become painful and even cause anal fissures or other medical conditions.

Swap Your Toilet Seat For A Bidet

If you haven't used a bidet yet, we recommend trying one in the comfort of your home. bidetsPLUS offers a 30-day trial, allowing customers to switch to their first bidet confidently. Order a high-quality bidet seat like the Bio Bidet BB 2000; if you don't love it, return it! We're confident that after your first bidet experience, you'll never return to using toilet paper again.