Advantages Of Having A Bidet In Your Bathroom

Bidets were not always so functional and convenient as they are today, but with so many technological advancements and the release of the bidet toilet seat, there are few reasons to keep using toilet paper. Keep reading and discover ten of the biggest reasons to start using a bidet and ditch toilet paper. After one use, you will see that traditional toilets just won't cut it anymore.

Improved Hygiene

Using water for cleaning is more hygienic than toilet paper in the same way showering is more effective than bathing in paper towels. A bidet toilet seat provides a gentle stream of water to cleanse sensitive areas, reducing the chance of contamination compared to using only toilet paper. After your first wash, you'll feel cleaner and fresher than you ever have with toilet tissue.

Reduced Toilet Paper Usage

A bidet seat allows less reliance on toilet paper, reducing or eliminating the need for paper products in your bathroom. This has various benefits, including a smaller environmental impact and cost savings. A bidet is a larger investment than a pack of toilet tissue, but when you total the amount used in your home over one, two, or even five years, bidets look a lot more affordable. Many systems are warrantied for at least three years, so you have essentially assured a return on your investment.

Soothing On Hemorrhoids And Other Medical Conditions

For individuals with medical conditions such as hemorrhoids or anal fissures, the gentle water stream of a bidet seat can be soothing, even providing relief from discomfort. The warm water spray pressure is adjustable, which helps each user find the most comfortable intensity for a soothing wash. Many bidets even have massaging functions to alleviate anorectal pressure and stimulate bowel movements, preventing future hemorrhoids and other medical issues.

Prevent Clogs & Plumbing Issues

In addition to all of the bidet health benefits, they often have a positive effect on your home's plumbing. Excessive toilet paper and other wiping products can cause clogs and even plumbing damage, but bidets eliminate the inorganic matter for easier flushing and better pipe health. The less wet wipes and toilet paper flushed, the better!

Increased Comfort

These bathroom fixtures have various features to make your toileting experience more pleasant. From temperature-controlled water to massaging functions, heated seating, and a warm air dryer to go completely hands-free, modern bidets are loaded with options. Each bidet toilet seat has unique features and capabilities, so compare the top models and find the system that will make you the most comfortable daily.

Bidets Bring Cost Savings

The price point of a quality bidet can be a deterrent for customers, but when paper users spend over $100 per year on toilet tissue, it's hard to say bidets aren't a good investment. Most systems carry a 1-3 year warranty, but bidets often last much longer. In the long run, bidets are a great way to save money and reduce your trips to the store. They only consume about 1/8 gallon per wash, so you shouldn't notice the difference on your water bill.

Better For The Environment

We previously mentioned the environmental impact of using a bidet, but let's take a deeper look. Each person reliant on toilet paper will consume around 140 rolls per year, and the average tree yields enough paper for 200 rolls. So, two people will easily consume an entire tree in one year! 1.5 Million trees are required for everyone in the U.S. to have one roll, so you can see the necessity of using less toilet paper. While your transition may seem marginal, you are taking the load of one household off the environment.

Reduces The Spread Of Germs

A bidet accurately sprays water toward the user's sensitive areas, thoroughly cleansing and preventing the chances of hand contact with fecal matter. The warm air-drying function makes it a completely hands-free experience! Certain bidets even provide an e-water toilet bowl cleanse, which rinses the nozzles and bowl with electrolyzed water to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. This is a huge perk for those who love cleanliness in the bathroom.

Aids In Personal Cleanliness

Using a bidet seat can improve an individual's overall personal hygiene and sense of freshness. Thoroughly washing away germs, bacteria, and matter reduces urinary tract infections, urogenital infections, and other bacterial issues. For individuals with mobility issues, bidets can greatly reduce these occurrences. Nursing home residents, injured people, and pregnant women often see a noticeable increase in the ease and thoroughness of cleaning with a bidet versus toilet paper. Bidets keep your most sensitive areas in optimum health and provide better personal hygiene by delivering a gentle, thorough stream of water.

Can Increase The Value Of A Home

Bidet seats are often considered a luxury and high-end feature, so installing one in a home can increase its perceived value and add a "wow factor" that isn't expected in the average bathroom.This is especially true when you purchase a bidet like the Discovery DLX, a stand-alone bidet and toilet that is modern, sleek, and packed full of features.

It's Time To Find A Bidet Toilet Seat

From the various personal hygiene and health benefits to reducing household waste and environmental impact, there are few reasons to stay with toilet paper. Using a bidet comes with some key benefits, allowing individuals to improve their general health, increase their comfort, and even save money in the long run. Shop BidetsPLUS' Winter sale and save on the perfect bidet system for your home.