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Bidet Seat Mounting Bracket

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Note:  One (1) mounting bracket (including nuts, bolts, and guide rails) is already included with the purchase of any bidet seat in our store.  This page is just in case you need another one. Each mounting bracket is specific to each bidet seat and may vary from the picture shown above.


This spare mounting bracket is useful if the original bracket that came with your toilet bidet seat becomes lost or damaged.  The mounting bracket is used to affix the bidet seat to your toilet.

There are two holes just past the end of the toilet bowl, which are normally used to attach a toilet seat to the toilet bowl.  We’re not installing just any ‘ol seat this time though – instead, we’ll be attaching your toilet bidet seat!  If you haven’t done so already, remove your existing toilet seat.  Then, place the bidet’s mounting bracket on top of these two holes.  Insert the metal guide rails in the mounting bracket, insert the bolts thru the guide rails, and thru the holes.  Fasten the nuts underneath.

Once the bracket is securely mounted, the bidet toilet seat slides on and attaches to the toilet.


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