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Bio Bidet Elite 3

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Bio Bidet Elite 3 has been discontinued and no longer in stock.

The Elite 3 Bidet Attachment from Bio Bidet offers a simple and convenient way to wash with water after using the bathroom.  It uses cold water only and installs directly on your toilet under the existing seat and requires no outlet or batteries.  As a non-electric bidet attachment, the Elite 3 utilizes the power of water pressure to provide its wash functions.

The Elite 3 connects to the water supply that runs to your toilet's water tank.  The easy to use control panel allows users to adjust the water pressure for a gentler or stronger wash.  It is also equipped with a dual nozzle system with one nozzle dedicated for posterior wash and a separate nozzle for feminine wash.  The nozzles are self-rinsing and are protected with a splash guard that prevents water from splashing outside the wash area.

The Elite 3 comes with a full one year warranty and includes the T-connection and water supply hose necessary for bidet seat installation.


Elite 3 Features:

  • Cold water only
  • No electricity or batteries needed
  • Do-It-Yourself easy installation
  • Retractable dual nozzles for posterior and feminine wash
  • Self-cleaning nozzles with splash guard
  • Adjustable water pressure with PSPC (Positive Stepping Pressure Control)
  • Fits round or elongated toilets

One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:

  • 100% coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the first year from original date of purchase



Product Specifications:


View:  Owner's Manual:  Bio Bidet Elite 3 (.pdf)


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