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bidetsPLUS is an authorized dealer for DIB bidet toilet seats. We are excited to offer you the cutting-edge DIB bidet seat available here at bidetsPLUS!

The Luxury Class DIB Special Edition bidet seat offers all the top features of a modern electronic bidet while incorporating a more form-fitting and simplified design.  The streamlined design is contoured for maximum comfort and simplified for a more modern and less bulky look compared with older models.   Besides the great new look, the new DIB Special Edition bidet seat comes equipped with an array of industry-leading features that will satisfy consumers with its amazing performance.

This remote control operated DIB Special Edition lets you adjust water temperature, pressure settings, and nozzle positions as you would expect from an advanced bidet seat.  Plus it has lots of extra options for a more personalized cleaning experience, including a wider spray setting and aerated bubble-infusion for a gentler wash when desired.  This bidet seat also boasts an improved oscillating wash feature that allows you to lengthen or shorten the range of the oscillating nozzle to your liking.  When it comes to a great personalized cleaning experience, it doesn't get much better than the DIB Special Edition.

Other features include warm air dry, adjustable temperature heated seat, built in air deodorizer, and even a lid you can sit on up to 200 pounds.  You can check out the DIB Special Edition product page for more details about this bidet seat's many great attributes.


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