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Bidet Attachment Recommendations

Adding a bidet attachment to your toilet is the easy modern way to add the benefits of a bidet to your bathroom.  Unlike a traditional bidet fixture which requires separate plumbing and additional floor space in your bathroom, the attachment installs directly on top of your existing toilet and taps into the cold water line already connected to the toilet tank.  The unit simply replaces the existing toilet seat.  These modern electric bidet seats are easier to install, more cost-effective and more space efficient, all the while offering additional features that provide a more comfortable and hygienic experience.  As the name implies, these seats attach directly to your existing toilet so you do not need to replace your toilet; only the toilet seat.  The top models have instant water heating systems that allow you to adjust the water temperature with the touch of a button, so you get the advantage of warm water without needing a separate warm water line.  And of course, since it is attached on your toilet you do not have to move to a separate fixture to use the washing features like you do with a traditional bidet.  The modern electric bidet attachment is immensely more convenient and economical than the traditional style fixtures.

We have specialized in bidet seat attachments for several years, and carry a variety of brands and models.  Below are a few recommendations of our top models.


Bio Bidet BB 2000

The top-selling flagship model from Bio Bidet is the Bio Bidet BB 2000.  It is an outstanding electric bidet seat attachment and one of the most highly recommended units we carry.  The modern-looking seat is equipped with instant water heating for a continuous warm water spray and offers a larger spray volume for a stronger and more effective wash.  The greater spray volume makes the BB 2000 one of the best bidet seats on the market in terms of washing functionality.  Like the other models recommended here, the BB 2000 includes adjustable water temperature, water pressure, nozzle position and oscillating wash.  It also has an enema wash feature, also referred to as turbo or vortex wash, to help those who may suffer constipation.  The heated seat, warm air dryer and night light are nice extras on this sturdy unit which has the highest weight capacity of any bidet we carry at 450 pounds.  Add in the three year, 100% warranty included and the BB 2000 is a fantastic choice.

Brondell Swash 1400

The newest model in their Swash series, the Brondell Swash 1400 is a very popular choice with high-end functionality in a user-friendly package.  The Swash 1400 uses dual stainless steel nozzles, so there is a separate dedicated wash nozzle for the posterior wash and the feminine wash.  In addition the the water temperature, water pressure and nozzle position which are all adjustable, this unit also has spray width adjustability so you can choose a wider and gentler spray or a narrower and sharper spray.  Like the BB 2000, it has the warm air dryer, heated seat and night light.  There are also two user presets on the remote control to save the preferred settings for two different users.  One of the more unique features of the Swash 1400 is the lid you can sit on.  Most lids on bidet seat attachments are not designed to be weight-bearing, but with the Swash 14000 you can safely sit on the lid when closed.  

TOTO S550e

TOTO is the pioneer of the modern electric bidet attachment seat, and the TOTO S550e offers a sleek design and upscale features. Besides the standard wash features included on all three of the recommended models, the S550e has a body with a somewhat slimmer profile than other seats.  It also includes an automatic opening and closing lid.  A body sensor recognizes when someone approaches it and automatically raises the lid.  After use, it closes the lid on its own after you have left the vicinity of the bidet.  Another unique feature is the e-water misting function.  This uses electrolyzed water, which is commonly used as a disinfectant to wash dishes in restaurants, and mists the bowl before and after each use.  The mist moistens the surface of the bowl to eliminate material for adhering to the surface and minimize the need for using harsh chemical cleaners on the bowl.


Adding any of these bidets to your toilet will give you the primary features you would expect in a top tier attachment.  Finding the right model then will depend on personal preference for some of the distinct features and functionality of each model.  The comparison chart below is designed to help you see direct comparisons of features.


Bidet Attachments Comparison Chart

Bio Bidet Brondell TOTO
BB 2000 SW 1400 TO S550E
Wireless Remote
Adjustable Water Temp.
Adjustable Water Pressure
Adjustable Spray Position
Wash Features
Posterior Wash
Feminine Wash
Oscillating Cleanse
Water Pulse Cleanse  
Turbo (enema) Wash    

Maximum Water Volume

(liters per minute)

0.7 0.5 0.5
Bio Bidet Brondell TOTO
BB 2000 SW 1400 TO S550E
Other Features
Warmed Toilet Seat
Warm Air Dry
Night Light
Stainless Steel Nozzles  
A Lid You Can Sit On    
User Presets  
Automatic Open/Close Lid    
Warranty (# of years) 3* 3* 1
*Extended Warranty Available

What is a Bidet Attachment?

A Bidet Attachment is simply a device that attaches onto your toilet to provide users with the health and hygiene benefits of washing with water after using the toilet.  You may also hear them referred to as washlets or bidet toilet seats or simply bidet seats.  No matter what you call it, the benefits of installing one of these modern iterations of the bidet compared to the old stand-alone version are clear:

  • No extra plumbing is required.  A traditional bidet fixture needs to be plumbed with its own separate hot and cold water lines as well as separate draining.  Our bidets simply split the cold water only already connected to your toilet and heats the water internally, plus all the water from washing drains into the toilet.
  • It is more economical with space in your bathroom.  With the old stand-alone bidets, it is essentially like adding a second toilet in terms of the space required.  An attachment unit doesn't require any extra space.
  • You aren't required to awkwardly transfer from toilet to separate bidet.  Since it is attached to the toilet, using the wash function is much easier and more comfortable.

 Our selection of electric bidet seats are modern marvels of hygiene, health and comfort that will immediately upgrade your toilet to a "smart" toilet.  You can compare the various features on our recommended models in the chart above.  And below you can find out how you can install your bidet seat by yourself own in about 30 minutes. 


How Do I install a Bidet Attachment?

These devices are designed for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) installation, so besides being light years ahead of the old fashioned bidet fixtures, they are also infinitely easier and less costly to install. In fact, we can walk you through the process in a few easy steps.

First, you will remove your existing toilet seat.  You may need a screwdriver to loosen the bolts on the seat, but once they are loosened it is very easy to remove.  With the seat out of the way you will install the mounting bracket included with the bidet.  The bracket bolts to the top of the toilet using the same mounting holes that secured your regular seat.  When the bracket is securely installed, the bidet seat attachment slides into the bracket.  You should hear the unit click into place.  A release button on the side of the unit allows you to easily remove the bidet.

With the unit securely in place on the bracket, the next step is connecting the water supply.  The bidet comes with a T-connection valve and a bidet hose which you use to split the water line already supplying water to the toilet.  You will first close the water shut off valve on your wall and flush the toilet to empty water from the tank.  Next you will unscrew the water supply hose connected to the bottom of the toilet tank and then screw the T-connection in at the bottom of the toilet.  The water supply hose from the wall is then screwed into the bottom of the T-connection.  To connect the water line to the bidet, connect the hose included with the unit to the T-connection on one end and the bidet inlet on the other end.  With the connections complete, open the water shut off valve on the wall and make sure there are no leaks.

Now that you have the unit installed on the toilet and the water line securely connected, the last step is simply plugging the bidet seat in.  These electric bidets plug into a standard 110V grounded outlet, and a GFCI outlet is recommended.  The electrical cord on most models is between 3.5 and 4 feet in length.  Once it's plugged in, you are ready to enjoy a cleaner, more refreshing bathroom experience, all thanks to your brand new bidet seat!


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