Personalizing the Spray of your Bidet

Bidet seats are starting to become a popular addition to the American bathroom, and for anyone who has used one it is easy to understand why. Replacing the less-than-pristine act of wiping with washing with water is more hygienic and a more refreshing way to clean yourself. And with the technological advances within the bidet industry, modern bidet seats offer a washing experience that can be personalized for individual users with a variety of different ways to adjust the wash spray to suit your preferences.
The first thing to know about a bidet seat’s spray functions is that there are separate sprays for feminine (or front) washing and posterior (or rear) washing. Some bidets have two separate nozzles for these different washes, while others use a single nozzle system with separate spray ports where the water comes from for each wash. A few models, like the Bio Bidet BB 2000, have an additional spray port for an enema wash function which is a third spray option that uses a higher-pressure spray pattern to help alleviate constipation. After you choose your wash function, then you can really personalize the spray with a variety adjustable settings.
One of the most-requested features is warm water, and with an electric bidet seat you are sure to get adjustable warm water, though there are two different water heating systems used in bidets. One type is a reservoir tank water heater. As the name implies, this type of system utilizes a water reservoir in the back of the bidet unit which keeps a volume of water ready for warm water use. The primary drawback of the reservoir tank is that there is a limited amount of warm water per use, so manufacturers came up with the alternative tankless water heating system. The tankless system uses a heating coil for warming the water which allows for continuous warm water however long you wash. With both systems, users can adjust the water temperature with three to four different temperature settings so you can choose how warm you like it.
Two other important settings with a bidet spray are for the water pressure and the spray position. Using the remote or attached control panel, you can change the pressure of the spray for a stronger or softer spray to suit your comfort. Many users prefer a strong spray for a more effective cleaning. You can also adjust the nozzle position so that the spray is farther forward or back relative to your position. Some bidets also have an oscillating wash mode which actually moves the nozzle back and forth during the spray cycle allowing for a broader area of coverage. A few bidets also offer adjustable spray width, so you can choose a wider or narrower spray pattern.
All of the adjustable wash settings let users personalize their experience, but there are even more adjustable features built into modern bidet seats beyond the spray options. You can also get a bidet with a heated toilet seat with adjustable temperature, built in air deodorizer, night light, and a warm air dryer for drying off after washing. Add an automatic opening and closing lid and you can have a hands-free experience! You can check out our comparison chart page for more about the features available on our different models as well as a list of our top bidets. Personalizing your bidet experience is an easy bathroom upgrade with a little help from bidetsPLUS!