How to Use a Bidet Seat

Using a bidet is a better way to clean yourself after using the toilet, just like taking a shower is a better way to clean your whole body compared to wiping yourself off with a towel. But if you have never encountered one, you might be a little bit hesitant to try something you may have never even seen before, let alone used. But rest assured – learning how to use a bidet is a lot easier than you think.
If you think of a bidet as a separate plumbing fixture that you have to squat over to use, then you are thinking of an old-fashioned bidet fixture and not a modern bidet seat which is MUCH more user friendly. Today’s bidet seats are designed to replace your toilet seat, so they install right on your toilet. There’s no squatting over a separate fixture as everything is now right there on the toilet. So, a modern bidet looks like more like a sleek high-tech toilet seat and not a cumbersome porcelain fountain that probably wouldn’t fit in your bathroom anyway.
Since all of the features and functions are built into the seat, all you have to do to use the wash is sit there and press the buttons to activate the various features. The operating buttons are located on a remote control or an attached control panel on the side of the seat depending on the model you choose. After you press the wash feature, a nozzle will extend from the bidet into the bowl area and begin the water spray based on the type of wash function you choose. There are separate spray patterns for posterior cleaning and feminine cleaning with adjustable spray pressure, water temperature and nozzle position with most seats. Unlike the old traditional bidet fixtures, with a modern bidet seat the wash spray comes to you!
Once you are done with the wash function – and you can stop the spray whenever you like through the remote control or attached panel – then you can dry off the residual water. Many models offer a warm air dryer to help with drying, though many people will also use a small amount of toilet paper to pat themselves dry. And that is all there is to it. Of course, there are other features that enhance the experience, like the heated toilet seat which is great during the colder months. Some seats have extra bells and whistles like a built-in air deodorizer to help minimize unpleasant smells, night lights to make it easier to use the toilet at night without harsh bathroom lights being needed, and even automatic opening and closing seat and lid so you never have to worry about somebody accidentally leaving the seat up!
It’s honestly as simple as it sounds. Most folks who have never tried a bidet before find that their hesitation in changing to a bidet seat came mostly from their toilet paper habit and their unfamiliarity with bidets. But today’s bidet seats make it easier than ever to make the switch. So if you’ve been considering the benefits of a bidet but were hesitant about using one, know that it is as easy as sit, wash, dry! You can take a look at our top bidets as well as our comparisons so you can find the seat that will help change your bathroom experience for good!