Biggest Hurdles to Buying a Bidet Toilet Seat

What’s stopping you from ordering a bidet seat? Is it the price, or maybe you are uncomfortable with the switch from the habit of wiping with toilet paper? Whatever is holding you back, we hope to clear the air and help you feel confident about tossing the TP and purchasing a bidet seat. Follow along as we debunk some of the most common reasons that keep people from buying a bidet seat. If price is a concern, then let’s ask this question: how much do you pay for toilet paper weekly, monthly, and annually? TP costs can add up quickly over time, but switching to a bidet seat can cut back on toilet paper consumption by up to 75% for most users. When you consider how much money you would save over the years by adding a bidet to your bathroom, you’ll find that a bidet pays for itself. While there is the initial cost of buying a bidet seat, the investment ends up saving money in the long run. Cutting back on toilet paper can also help prevent clogs and the related plumbing costs. Your bidet seat investment will be protected by a manufacturer’s warranty that may be anywhere from a year to several years depending on the model you choose. Some manufacturers also offer an extended warranty option for longer warranty coverage. Spending a little more upfront to upgrade your bathroom with a bidet toilet seat is well worth the money when you consider the cost savings on toilet paper you get from one of the best-rated bidet seats.