Bidets a Better Option than Flushable Wipes

When toilet paper started to disappear from store shelves last year, many Americans started looking for viable alternatives. To the surprise of many, there actually are alternatives to wiping with toilet paper which has been ingrained by most Americans as the only option. Some started using flushable wipes in place of toilet paper. Many people added bidet toilet seats and haven’t looked back. And if you ask most plumbers, they will tell you a bidet is a better option than flushable wipes.
In a review by Consumer Reports that compared toilet paper versus wipes, they found the wipes did not break down the way toilet paper does. This is also the problem noted by plumbers – since the wipes don’t break down after flushing, they have a tendency to clog up sewers and septic systems and lead to big headaches and plumbing bills for homeowners. There have been several cities and towns who have had to deal with “fatbergs,” which are large masses in sewer systems caused by a combination of grease and non-degrading material like wet wipes. Suffice it to say, it isn’t a fun problem to deal with.
With a bidet toilet seat, you are cleaning yourself with water for a more sanitary and refreshing clean compared to wiping. Besides the clogging issue with wipes, many of them contain alcohol that can dry out your skin and cause irritation and discomfort with regular use. Modern bidets allow you to adjust the water pressure, water temperature and the spray position so you can customize the wash to best suit your body, all without wiping. Not only to bidets provide a better cleaning, but they do so in a way that is more soothing and comfortable than wipes.
Bidets also drastically cut down on how much toilet paper you consume since it is basically used for drying residual water rather than wiping clean. Many top models are equipped with a warm air dryer to further reduce the need for paper. Other amenities found on bidet seats include features like a heated toilet seat, built-in air deodorizer, and a night light among others. While a bidet seat costs more than a pack of wet wipes, they will save you money over time with all of the money saved on toilet paper. Plus, you are more likely to avoid they kind of clogs that come with hefty plumbing costs from flushing wet wipes.
If you are looking for the best alternative to toilet paper, then you may be ready to upgrade your toilet with a bidet seat. Our Ultimate Bidet Toilet Seat Guide is a great place to get more familiar with all that bidet seats have to offer. Say goodbye to the discomfort of wiping and hello to the refreshing feeling you get with a bidet toilet seat!