Are Bidets Better Than Toilet Paper?

Bidet lovers will tell you that there is no comparison between toilet paper and a bidet- it's a game changer. However, it's understandable that people need a pretty good reason to halt their toilet paper usage. Instead of having the toilet paper debate again just to buy a new pack tomorrow, let's find out why using a bidet is so much better.

Bidet Versus Toilet Paper

Those evenly-spaced horizontal lines may be comforting but there are few chances for toilet paper to excel in this comparison. Take a look at how bidets can improve almost every aspect of "going":


There is a common misconception that using a bidet is challenging or set up will be too complicated, but that's not the case. From installation to everyday use, bidets are simple and user-friendly. In under thirty minutes, you can install a bidet toilet seat. With a few simple buttons, you can adjust the water pressure, nozzle angle, and temperature (depending on your unit) for the best cleaning.

Once the bidet attachment or toilet seat has been installed, there is hardly anything left for you to do. The only ordinary maintenance you should need is a filter replacement, which keeps the quality of your water high and prevents corrosion in the bidet’s internal system.

Personal Hygiene

Good hygiene is extremely important to avert medical issues and alleviate discomfort caused by frequent trips to the bathroom. Using a bidet can help prevent urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, and bad odor from residual fecal matter. The clean water from a bidet gently yet thoroughly washes sensitive areas to minimize germs and bacteria. Wiping with toilet paper tends to leave more than just residual paper, leading to these conditions and more.

For those with irritable bowel syndrome, anal fissures, or other medical issues that make cleaning a struggle, bidets should be an essential plumbing fixture. The warm, soothing water is a welcomed feeling that prevents additional damage and irritation. Individuals with mobility issues can also benefit greatly from bidets. Unlike toilet paper, it takes no more than the twist of a knob or push of a button to wash with a bidet. It takes little energy or mobility to use a bidet, which is perfect for anyone who has difficulty in the bathroom.

Environmental impact

Each bidet installed can save hundreds or even thousands of toilet paper rolls. That adds up to entire trees saved and a little bit healthier planet. With the amount of toilet paper, disposable dishware, and paper towel products used in our country alone, total deforestation is imminent unless there is a change. While it may not seem like much, each bidet has a positive effect on the environment and leaves a brighter future for the next generation.

Cost Efficiency

Toilet paper and wet wipes are wasteful in more ways than one. Families can spend hundreds of dollars each year on toilet paper, and restocking is only getting more expensive. Using a bidet, on the other hand, adds minimal cost to your utility bill and can drastically reduce or eliminate that annual cost. Initially, a bidet will cost more than replenishing your toilet paper, but you will start saving money on toilet paper right away. Depending on the bidet you choose (it's worth it to indulge in a feature-packed model), you could recoup your spending and be in the positive your first year.

The long lifespan of bidet attachments and toilet seats will ensure you get your money's worth, and the warranty attached to most systems guarantees it. Bidet warranties typically range from one to three years and some can be extended up to six years, but these systems can last up to a decade! If you saved $150 per year on toilet paper, that's a $1,500 savings from purchasing a bidet. The rising price of toilet paper will not change, so why wouldn't you put your money towards a more pleasant and effective alternative?


The toilet paper shortages we had a few years ago showed us that supplies are not guaranteed. While dry toilet paper may seem like an essential, there's not much you can do when shelves empty. When you use a bidet, the only concern you have is the water being shut off, in which case you probably won’t be using the toilet anyway.


If people only knew how many benefits bidets had, wiping with toilet paper would probably be extinct. By now, you should be pretty impressed and ready to use a bidet, but if not, here it comes.

While bidet attachments are fairly minimal, coming equipped with the essentials for a basic but pleasant wash, a bidet toilet seat takes things to the next level. Browsing the various bidet models available, you can find tons of features that are amazing for cleaning, convenience, and comfort, of course. Here are a few of the best features available in 2022:

Warm Air Dryer

The warm air-dry function lets users completely eliminate the wiping aspect by providing a rush of warm air to dry you after the wash instead of using toilet paper. This helps prevent residual paper after your wash to ensure the best (and most comfortable) cleaning.

Water Pulse

Bidets spray with a gentle steady stream unless a different washing method is selected. The water pulsing feature provides users with a soothing, pulsing massage to relax the bowel and help you use the bathroom. Users have successfully relieved constipation with the water pulsing massage function.

Oscillating Wash

Oscillating wash capabilities increase the surface area covered by bidets and provide an even better cleaning. It does this by moving the wash nozzle back and forth during the wash cycle for much more thorough cleaning.

"Turbo" Cleaning

With the turbo function, your bidet helps you go to the bathroom by sending a pressurized spray to dislodge fecal matter and get the process started. The high–pressure stream is designed to open you up and induce movement and is a beneficial feature for anyone with chronic or occasional constipation.

It's A No-Brainer

Whether you are looking to fix an attachment to your toilet seat bowl or go all-out with a bidet seat, you are sure to see a difference. Toilet paper is inefficient, ineffective, and wasteful- both environmentally and financially. For the amount you spend on dry paper and flushable wipes to get the job done, you could be enjoying a luxurious bidet. They are perfect for any bathroom, nursing home, or office restroom due to the completely adjustable settings and cleanliness of bidets.